Map and data: El Salvador - Vector layers and ready-to-go GIS

Map and data: El Salvador. Download vector layers and ready-to-go GIS projects based on OSM ESRI Shape, Geodatabase, GeoJSON, PDF, CSV, TAB, PBF, XML, SQL formats forGet price

ULTRAMAT 23 | Extractive continuous process gas analytics

Multi-component gas analyzer ULTRAMAT 23 – a true all-rounder The ULTRAMAT 23 is an innovative multi-component gas analyzer which can be equipped with the following sensors: IR detector for IR-active gases, UV photometer for UV-active gases, H2S sensor (electrochemical), O2 sensor (electrochemical or paramagnetic), and used accordingly in numerous applications and industries.Get price

GI-700 series - HORIBA

Stack Gas Analyzer. Increase your CEMS Capabilities with a HORIBA Multi-gas Analyzer. Experience HORIBA, the Global Single Source Solutions Provider with over 50 years of technological advancements and unparalleled reliability, dependability and operability.The GI-700 stack gas analyzer is designed to continuously measure the concentrations of nitrogen oxides (NO x), sulfur dioxide (SO 2Get price

Brochures | COPA-DATA Group

zenon’s versatility is world-renown. It’s in every industry everywhere. Get a quick overview of where and how zenon can be used and experience industry-specific best practices of how globally respected multi-national organizations optimize their efficiency and make automation an easy and enjoyable experience for all their operators and managers alike.Get price

ESRI ArcGIS Interface | Geospatial Information | ETAP

ETAPESRI ArcGIS Interface allows easy conversion of model data from ESRI ArcGIS to ETAPdistribution one-line diagram, transferring all electrical data and geospatial information.Get price

HD-X | Brochure

The Simoa HD-X Analyzer is the largest model of the fully automated Simoa bead-based immunoassay platform. Re-engineered, the platformultra-sensitivity and dependability empower researchers with 1000x greater sensitivity than traditional immunoassays.Get price

RS®ZNLE Vector Network Analyzer | Overview | Rohde Schwarz

The analyzer is available with a frequency range of 100 kHz to 3 GHz (RS ® ZNLE3 with RS ® ZNLE-B100 option), 100 kHz to 4.5 GHz (RS ® ZNLE4 with RS ® ZNLE-B100 option) or 100 kHz to 6 GHz (RS ® ZNLE6 with RS ® ZNLE-B100 option). The optional GPIB interface lets you connect a controller to remotely control the RS ® ZNLE.Get price

3-Phase Class A Power Quality Analyzer - Elspec

The G4400 series offers the option to expend the meter capability by adding the multi I/O module in conjunction with all metering functionalities. The I/O module includes analog and digital I/O as well as a relay output to specifically work with your application.The multi I/O module extends the meter capability in order to replace RTUs and PLCs for energy management and substation automation.Get price

Evidence MultiSTAT SEP19 - Randox Laboratories

The Evidence MultiSTAT is a fully automated immunoanalyser that enables on-site simultaneous detection of up to 44 analytes from a single sample of oral fluid, urine or blood. It requires a small sample volume and generates results in less than 20 minutes.Get price

Total Sulfur Analysis | Specialty Gas Chromatograph

Programming is now a thing of the past. Just “point and click” is all that is required to access any of the analyzer functions. All of the major analyzer functions are identified on tabs making it easy to know where to go to access information when needed. 10” SVGA touch screen with multi-touch control supports the HMIGet price

Process Gas Chromatography | Process Analytics | Siemens USA

Process Gas Chromatograph Known for its flexibility, power, and reliability, the process gas chromatograph MAXUM Ed. II stands for state-of-the-art technology for the analysis of both liquid and gaseous samples.Get price

Geo-Segregation Analyzer download |

Mar 26, 2016 · Geo-Segregation Analyzer is an open-source software licensed under GNU LGPL. Developed with the GeoTools library, the software can 1) read ESRI Shapefiles (geospatial vector data format); 2) visualize them in one or several views; 3) and calculate forty residential segregation indices. Developed in Java, Geo-Segregation Analyzer runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.Get price

Knowledge Base and FAQ | COPA-DATA Group

Frequently asked questions about COPA-DATA and its HMI/SCADA Product Family zenon.Get price

Consumables - Hitachi High Tech Analytical Science

Consumables and Accessories. Choose the right consumable for your application and get a quote. Our global network of distributors mean that you never have to wait for genuine spare parts and consumables.Get price

Tapped Density: JVi Series | - Copley Scientific

A high reliability solution for routine measurement of the tapped density of powders, granules and similar products, the Copley JVi Series of testers are the only single tapped density systems on the market that offer all three methods specified in Eur. Ph. and USP.Get price

Gas Leak Detection | Portable | System | Manufacturer - ABB

Analyzer performance unaffected by minor shifts in optical alignment enabling the use of simpler components and sub-systems. Comprehensive Platform ABB uniquely provides a comprehensive platform of solutions based on LGR-ICOS™ technology designed to address any leak detection application.Get price

DR 6000 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer - HACH - PDF Catalogs

4 DR 6000™ UV-Vis Spectrophotometer Ordering Information DR 6000 UV VIS Spectrophotometer includes a multi adapter for round and rectangular vials, basic user manual, CD with manual and procedure manual in PDF format. Power cords for US and EU.Get price

DELTA Professional - Handheld XRF Analyzer | Olympus

Combining a Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) and a 4W optimized X-ray tube, the DELTA Professional XRF analyzer is superior in speed, LODs, and elemental range.Get price

Ambr® 250 high throughput perfusion | Sartorius

New Multi-Parallel Bioreactor to Fast Track Intensified Cell Culture Processes Ambr ® 250 High Throughput Perfusion is a parallel bioreactor system for rapid development of scalable perfusion processes using 100 – 250 mL single-use bioreactors and a fully automated liquid handling platform.Get price

Abaxis | Better at Point of Care

The Piccolo Xpress chemistry analyzer allows healthcare practitioners to perform routine multi-chemistry panels using 0.1cc of whole blood, serum or plasma. That’s only 3 - 4 drops. The system uses patented single-use reagent discs which contain up to 14 chemistry tests.Get price

R15-USB MIL-STD-1553 module | Abaco Systems

Abaco Systems' R15-USB is the latest generation of performance and flexibility for MIL-STD-1553A/B Notice II using a high speed USB 2.0 interface with one or two dual-redundant MIL-STD-1553A/B Notice II/IV channels.Get price

PAC-PetroSpec-QuickSpec - Petroleum Analyzer Company

PetroSpecs portable QuickSpec analyzer delivers simple, fast, and accurate analysis of ethanol and water in gasoline blends throughout the fuel blending process. QuickSpec provides a broad analysis range of ethanol from 0.1 vol% to 100.0 vol%, which is crucial for ethanol blending in gasoline and for measuring purity of fuel-grade ethanol.Get price

Product Overview by Sectors | Power System Software - ETAP

ETAP offers power system modeling, analysis, and operation solutions to generation, transmission, distribution, industrial, transportation, and low-voltage sectors.Get price

Ambr® analysis module - pH measurement | Sartorius

Flexsafe® Single-use Solutions and Quality Control; Pre Designed Solutions (PDS) Process Analytical Technology (PAT) Data AnalyticsGet price

Download SAGA GIS from

Network Bandwidth Analyzer pack gives you the power of SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor and NetFlow Traffic Analyzer so you can detect, diagnose, and resolve network performance issues, track response time, availability, and uptime of routers, switches, and other SNMP-enabled devices, monitor and analyze network bandwidth performance and traffic patterns, and find bandwidth hogs on aGet price

RS®ETL TV analyzer | Rohde Schwarz

The RS®ETL TV Analyzer is an all-in-one solution. It combines the functionality of a TV and FM (radio) signal analyzer, a video and MPEG TS analyzer and a spectrum analyzer in a single instrument. The RS®ETL also contains generators to create analog video signals, audio signals and MPEG-2 transport streams.Get price

LI-6800 Portable Photosynthesis System | LI-COR Environmental

Providing full control over water vapor, the LI-6800 can maintain humidity at any level below condensing conditions in the leaf chamber and gas analyzers. Capable of achieving 10°C below and above ambient temperature, the LI-6800 provides fast and precise temperature control.Get price

Contact Megger | electrical test equipment

Our Dallas facility processes: relay test sets, watthour test sets, CT testers, primary high current testers, motion breaker analyzers, TORKEL test sets, VIDAR test sets and water leak detection. 800-723-2861 ext. 3271: Repair and Calibration Services, Valley ForgeGet price

Multi-Channel Digital Power Meters - 66203/66204 | Chroma

Chroma 66203/66204 Digital Power Meters are designed for multiple phase power measurement applications. The wiring mode function allows the user to take accurate power measurements for various wiring modes (see figure below) as well as providing accurate standard power measurements common for most electrical devices.Get price

Particle Analyzer Brochures

Masao Horiba Awards Research Articles Readout No. E54 - Microplastics and Nanoplastics: Analysis and Method Development Readout No. E53 - 2019 Masao Horiba Awards - Advanced Analytical and Measurement Technologies for Efficient Control System to Maximize the Performance of Electric Power and Batteries UsageGet price