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The moisture analyzer is a high performance programmable instrument that is used to measure the moisture and water content of the softgel capsule. It provides an accurate read out of the actual levels of moisture inside the fill material and on the capsule shell.Get price

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Moisture analyzers are suitable for manufacturing and processing applications in research and development industries. They perform moisture analysis in objects such as pastes, mass, woods, adhesive materials, and dusts for production and control purposes.Get price

Nanotechnology Improves the Measurement of Moisture in Gas

Jan 22, 2017 · Nanotechnology improves the measurement of moisture in Gas Insulated Switch Gear. January 22, 2017 Yasmeen Omer The American power industry in the United States has chosen to use the PhyMetrix PPMa moisture analyzer for monitoring the moisture content in their Gas Insulated Switch Gear (GIS) systems.Get price

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OB-44 Ohaus MB90 Moisture Analyzer has a 90g (3.17oz) capacity, a temperature range of 104°–392°F (40 °–200°C) in 1°C increments, and repeatability is 0.18% (3g sample) and 0.02% (10g sample). The full-color 4.3in touchscreen has intuitive, icon-driven navigation for simple operation and offers 14 language options for all display screens.Get price

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OperationEquipmentPerformanceResultsAdvantagesSafetyPurposeUsageDefinitionsThe Moisture Analyzer works according to the thermo-gravimetric principle, also often referred to as the 'Loss on Drying' (LOD) principle. The moisture analyzer consists of two components, a balance unit and a heating unit. In order to measure the moisture content the samplestart weight is recorded, afterwards a halogen lamp or other infrared radiator heats and dries the sample while the integrated balance continually records the sample weight. When the sample no longer loses weight the instrument shuts off and the moisture content is calculated. The total loss in weight is used to calculate the moisture content.Get price

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The MAC 155 In Situ Moisture Analyzer is designed to continuously monitor emission stack gases. It is designed to meet EPA and local regulatory requirements for stack gas moisture/humidity measurements. The patented solid state design has been proven in hundreds of industrial process control applications.Get price

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Moisture analysers for at-line | online use in the laboratory. Non-destructive measurement, determining moisture content without regular wet chemistry. Hence Sartorius moisture analysers offer a fast alternative to the oven dryer.Get price

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With 0.01% 0.001g accuracy, the MB27 Moisture Analyzer is suitable for most applications. Halogen heating and dual weight-temperature calibration provide fast, reliable results. User-friendly touch-button design for easy operation.Get price

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Precisely determining moisture content is accomplished byanalyzing small samples, usually measured in grams, in an instrument called a moisture analyzer. Here we present an explanation of how a moisture analyzer works. Available Moisture Analzyer Models by ApplicationGet price

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Here we see an NIR-6000 industrial grade moisture analyzer mounted on a base and stand next to an OI-6000 HMI Operator Interface to demonstrate a real time m...Get price

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This video explains how our halogen moisture analyzer is used in laboratory to measure moisture content in various samples. To know more about this product,Get price

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Combine the moisture analyzer with any of our oxygen or carbon dioxide analyzers to create a dual gas analyser. These units are completely configurable and include the ability to remote mount sensors and offer user-selectable units of Dew Point (°C or °F) or ppmv. Two versions of the sensor are available to meet your needs:Get price

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Entry Level Moisture Analyzer comes with on-screen assistance, free guide and has everything you need to quickly set up and start making reliable moisture measurements within a few minutes. Simple operation and solid performance make daily routine moisture determination easy and efficient. Check our offer!Get price

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Moisture analyzers, sometimes called “moisture balances”, are used to measure the moisture content in various types of samples including solids, liquids, and gases. Trace moisture in solids must be controlled for plastics, pharmaceuticals and heat treatment processes.Get price

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The rugged nature of these laser-based analyzers has allowed them to be used in natural gas pipelines with very little maintenance, no interference, and with no detrimental effects from glycol, methanol, amine, H 2 S, moisture slugs, etc. Since its inception, this technology has demonstrated its reliability in thousands of installations worldwide.Get price

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Max Sample 18 samples (Inherent moisture) 9 samples (total mo moisture) Sample Weight (0.9-1.1)g for moisture content on air dried basis; (10-12)g for total moistureGet price moisture analyzer

Torbal AGS100 Moisture Analyzer, 0.01% with 250 Degrees C Drying Temperature, USB and 4 Drying Profiles, 100 g Capacity x 0.001 g Readability $1,521.50 $ 1,521 . 50 Get it as soon as Fri, May 15Get price

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Moisture Analyzers Moisture analyzers, also called hygrometers, are sophisticated instruments designed to detect and measure the trace moisture content in gases and non-aqueous liquids in a tank or pipe. Moisture analyzers use precision aluminum oxide or laser sensors to accurately measure moisture levels in parts per million by volume or weight.Get price

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Infrared Moisture Analyser The MA150 infrared moisture analyzer features a compact design along with flexibility of use. Its program memories enable efficient analysis even for a large number of different samples and is therefore optimally designed for use in inspection of incoming goods and quality assurance. Item no.: MA150C-000230V1Get price

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Get all your Moisture Analyzers Here. AD MF Series, MS Series and MX Series moisture analyzers from offer highly accurate results and superior ease-of-use. Super hybrid sensor technology provides ultra accurate moisture content determination, while fast, uniform heating means shorter measurement time.Get price

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Quick Reference Card for convenient operating guide is installed at the bottom of the analyzer; Compliant Traceable Reporting. Data Interface is a breeze with RS-232C interface and our WinCT–Moisture software that helps determine measurement conditions as well as optimize time accuracyGet price

A GIS framework for surface-layer soil moisture estimation

(2005) developed a data retrieval, analysis, and visualization system that use GIS tools to accomplish particular tasks, and requires little scientific knowledge of the user. 2. Background 2.1. Remote sensing of soil moisture Airborne microwave radiometers have been used for over three decades to measure surface soil moisture (Jackson andGet price


GIS is not equipped with a silica gel / desiccant as, moisture absorbent material, and absorbent gas the result of switching PMT (IEEE Std 1125-1993), which resulted in a decrease in insulating gas g as quality. The addition of desiccant in the GIS is needed to maintain the quality of Sulfr hexafluoride gas.Get price

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…featured moisture analyzer fits any budget Fast halogen element Program and recall up to 50 methods Compact size (8.5”W x 6”H x 14.5”L) RS232 port for printer or PC Perfect for food and beverage, environmental, chemical, pharmaceutical and other laboratories, this fast, rugged analyzer gives…Get price

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Qualtech Products Industry Moisture Analyzer is a professional automatic moisture measurement device to determine the Moisture Content of samples at the touch of a button. This advanced Automatic Moisture Analyzer is engineered in accordacec with the LOD method to measure the moisture content of samples fast, efficiently and with high accuracy.Get price


Measuring moisture content has never been easier than with the MB90 Moisture Analyzer. The MB90halogen heating distributes heat uniformly over the sample and speeds up the drying process, delivering fast and precise measurements. Designed for tool-free cleaning, its components can be easily removed for quick and easy maintenance. Operating the MB90 is intuitive with the icon-driven menuGet price

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Trace moisture analysis is a critical measurement in the Natural Gas Industry. Water content in natural gas increases both the cost of transportation and compression and does nothing to increase the heating value of the gas.Get price

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The moisture analyzer, using respective pictograms, signalizes currently activated mode, computer connection and functions, both balance and service ones. The MA.R series is enriched with various interfaces: RS232, USB type A, USB type B and Wi-Fi ®. The moisture analyzer is housed in a plastic casing.Get price

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The hay moisture analyzer PCE-HMM is a professional device to designed to determine moisture and temperature of pressed hay and straw. The hay moisture analyzer features a sensor made of stainless steel, which can be purchased in four different lengths, while the wooden handle has an ergonomic design.Get price