Applications of GIS in Oil and Gas Industry in Nigeria and Africa

Pipeline monitoring. Pipelines need to be continually monitored to check for leaks, and geo-hazards, and to manage and track inspections, the frequency of which is often a regulatory requirement. Emergency response. GIS is becoming increasingly important in response to emergencies such as oil spills and gas explosions, both in mitigation planning and response management. Asset Management. A geodatabase stores, collects and manages the physical locations of features. In oil and gas, this includes pipelines, wells, pump stations and tank terminals. GIS can be used to Control Pipeline Vandalism of Oil and Gas Industry in Nigeria. The oil and gas industry is an extremely important segment of the world economy.

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Application of Geographic Information System (GIS)in Mapping

Application of Geographic Information System (GIS) in Mapping Groundwater Quality in Uyo, Nigeria Magnus Uzoma Igboekwe*, Akaninyene Okon Akankpo Department of Physics, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture,Umudike, Abia State, Nigeria E-mail: *[email protected] Received June 2, 2011; revised August 17, 2011; accepted September 24, 2011Get price

Nigerian Gas Sector Watch Volume 2 | October 2020 - KPMG Nigeria

Nigerian Gas Sector Watch Volume 2 | October 2020 This publication provides information on developments in the Nigerian Gas Sector space during the two quarters ended September 2020. It also features a review of the Framework for the National Gas Expansion Programme which was released by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) on 4 September 2020.Get price

Gas Production and Utilization in Nigeria: Problems and Prospects

TNPP aims to connect the gas pipeline systems in Nigeria to create an inter-connected system that will provide flexibility and better management of gas supplies. The framework of this system is an integration of the three gas pipeline systems: Obiafu-Obrikom-Oben (OB3) system with a flow capacity of 2.0 Bscf/day, the Calabar-Ajeokuta-AbujaGet price

Nigerian Gas Sector Watch - KPMG Nigeria

The NGTNC is designed to govern the operations between the network operator(s) and users of the gas transportation system (including all existing and future gas pipelines) in Nigeria. It will serve as an important negotiation component for gas business and transactions in the Nigerian domestic gas market.Get price

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tion system (GIS) technology offers solutions for conservation and urban planning. GIS is computer software that allows its users to manage and manipulate geographic data. By using GIS, analysts are able to establish the patterns and processes of development that work and that do not work. Policy makers are then in a posi-Get price

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Knowledge of GIS –Geographic Information Systems is an increasingly sought after skill in industries from IT, agriculture to public health.This GIS training in Abuja Nigeria will teach the skills you need to successfully use GIS software in a professional setting.Get price

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GIS Career Prospects in Nigeria – Geospatial Links Company

Aug 25, 2017 · GIS career prospects in Nigeria is huge and very professional at this present moment. The future growth potential of Geographical Information Systems in Nigeria is very evident as the technology now expands across the country. GIS career opportunities for Nigerians via training certifications or university is indeed very wide and open.Get price

GPS Data Integration into GIS for Offshore Facilities

TS 4F - Hydrographic Information Management E. O. Ajayi and S. E. Owhojeta GPS Data Integration into GIS for Offshore Facilities Management - Chevron Nigeria ExperienceGet price

The Nigerian Gas Master-Plan - PPPRA

business in Nigeria Causing relocation of gas based industries e.g. methanol etc. to reserves rich and low gas cost countries like Nigeria, Egypt, Trinidad etc. 2. Aggressive Domestic Power Sector Reform 3. Successful campaign by the FGN to attract gas based investors The current demand boom is driven by 3 mutually reinforcing factors – risingGet price

Application of Geographic Information System Technology in

Nigeria is among the top ten nations of the world that is endowed and blessed with oil and gas. However, the oil and gas industry has contributed a lot in generating revenue to the country but unfortunately that has not impacted much to the social and structural developments of the people in Nigeria.Get price


Kenyan authorities used GIS to define and implement equity approached in physical access to clinical services as part of planning Monitoring of Malaria Programme. Nigeria needs GIS PHC much more. Harmonization coordination and scale-up of GIS in PHC will help accelerate our progress towards achievement of MDGs targets.Get price

GIS and GSM Network Quality Monitoring: A Nigerian Case Study

Nov 27, 2005 · This article will describe how MTN Nigeria Communication is using GIS capabilities with a GSM network monitoring tool to find geographic areas where subscribers are suffering low quality, and help fix the problem.The GIS-based tool described also increase the network efficiency by more than 70% and indeed helps make fast and informed technicalGet price


Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer system build to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage and display all kinds of spatial or geographical data. GIS application are tools that allow end users to perform spatial query, analysis, edit spatial data and create hard copy maps.Get price

Regional Assessment of Climate Change Hazards in Southern

Aug 01, 2019 · Being the oil and gas hub of the country and the fact that the region accounts for the biggest sources of total Greenhouse Gas emissions of 75% in Nigeria. The oil producing states of Akwa Ibom, and Rivers-Bayelsa with 10.16% to 36.18% of Green House Gases outpaced the others while Lagos followed up with 14.62%.Get price

Strategic Gas Plan for Nigeria February 2004

gas development schemes and the drive for change in gas flaring reduction for better use of Nigeria’s gas resources. The project was designed by Mourad Belguedj, Lead Energy Specialist at the Oil, Gas, Chemicals, and Mining Department of the World Bank who initiated this effort in response to the FGN’s request and supervised the analytical workGet price

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No 1 Industry leader in GIS, Drone survey, mapping and Geospatial Tech in Nigeria. We provide Geographic Information System service, Drone Inspection, Aerial Surveying, mapping, Satellite data processing, web solutions associated with geospatial developmentGet price

Nigeria Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions 1970-2021 | MacroTrends

Nigeria greenhouse gas (ghg) emissions for 2011 was 296,799.95, a 1.57% increase from 2010. Nigeria greenhouse gas (ghg) emissions for 2010 was 292,211.74, a 6.98% increase from 2009. Nigeria greenhouse gas (ghg) emissions for 2009 was 273,156.36, a 13.57% decline from 2008.Get price


Energy / Oil Gas, Engineering. Pivot-GIS Limited (PGIS), an initially JV between Pivot and GIS Inc. on 50-50 basis, was founded in 2004. GIS, Inc. was founded in 1948 in USA by Mr. Clyde Pregeant, Snr. with core business focus on O...Get price

Firm introduces GIS technology in Nigeria | TheCable

Kropman Communication Limited has unveiled the Geospatial Information System (GIS) in Nigeria. GIS is a technology that integrates hardware, software and data for capturing, managing, analysingGet price

States to get $2m each to accomplish GIS — NGF - Vanguard News

Oct 29, 2020 · States able to capture at least 50 per cent of their property that have electricity connections in urban areas before June 30, 2021 using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) will get World BankGet price

Nigerian Gas Sector Watch Volume 1

(45) gas flare sites (out of 178 gas flare sites) across the country under the Nigeria Gas Flare Commercialization Program (NGFCP). The bidders were shortlisted based on their capacity, quality of service, track record and ability to deliver on set targets. The NGFCP, which was first launched in 2016, seeks to implement the policyGet price

2019 Nigerian Gas Market Report

Gas experts and stakeholders believe that the Nigerian gas sector is laden with immense opportunities. Following the need to make sense of recent and numerous developments within the Nigerian Gas value chain, a 2019 NIGERIAN GAS MARKET REPORT has been released, as a concise and insightful source of data and insights regarding the current state,…Get price

The Nigerian case: water management | Oil Gas IQ

Accordingly, the study analyses water management issues in Nigeria using mix-scale method of GIS and descriptive statistics. Emphasizing the issues, environmental analysis, factors fuelling the problems and ongoing initiatives, results show declines in water quality, widespread degradation, limited access and growing demand.Get price

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Program Officer GIS And Mapping to boost its manpower. … years, renewable) Duty Station: Abuja, Nigeria Duties and Responsibilities The PO GIS Mapping would be functionally attached to and work under the supervision of the PPO Systems Manager. …Get price

Is Gas Utilization Incentive still necessary?

This reserve estimate indicates an inherent possibility of exploiting Nigeriagas reserves for at least the next 100 years with the potential for a further 600 tcf in undiscovered reserve. Accordingly, one of the significantly big plans before the Federal Government of Nigeria is the Gas Master Plan (GMP).Get price

Fighting electricity theft in Nigeria with GIS technology

The illegal connections to the power grid generate huge losses and are a hazard for locals. GIS technology can help mitigate the problem by enabling real-time insights and proper electric network visualization. Learn how Enugu Electricity Distribution Company utilized GIS technology to tackle electricity theft in Nigeria.Get price