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Requirements vs. CapabilitiesRequirementsWhat Is The Purpose Behind Tracking Assets?What Assets Need to Be Managed?What Data Is Important About Each Asset?At its simplest, any technology investment decision ultimately boils down to two factors: 1. What are the requirements? 2. What are the capabilities of the various solutions? That sounds easy, doesn’t it? Except it’s not. The task of assessing the requirements for asset management is often more complicated than people imagine. Compared to a lot of other GIS data/objects/features like address points or ecological areas, some types, components, and combinations of assets are much more complex. This can catch out an inexperienced GIS person when they are trying to deal with asset management. Another portion of asset requirements are the details about each asset. This can be complex not only because of the characteristics of the asset, but also, additional related information of which you need to keep track. The flip side, of course, is the capability of the software. It is not simply a matter of looking at a checklist of features in the software and seeing if they match the asset types...Get price

Integration of GIS with Computerized Maintenance Management

Integration of GIS with Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and Asset Management Systems. Much of the information that is maintained in a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is spatial data about assets that exist in a network with specific locations in space. The use of a GIS can significantly enhance the capabilities of CMMS by supporting additional spatial analysis and the ability to quickly locate geographically dispersed facilities in a water distributionGet price

GIS for Asset and Facilities Management

Asset Management and Maintenance GIS helps organizations gain efficiencies even in the face of finite resources and the need to hold down costs. Operations and maintenance staff can deploy enterprise and mobile workforce applications that provide timely information to the field for faster, more accurate work order processing.Get price

All You Need to Know About GIS for Asset Management

Asset tracking with GIS can help Tom in the following three ways: 1.Track maintenance tasks: Tom’s business involves installing pipes and pumps on water and drainage supply lines. These assets are expensive and their operational conditions need constant monitoring so his company also installs sensors to check their pressures and temperatures.Get price

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Editing and data maintenance During this phase, existing data is modified, and new data is added to the database as required. Edits are made against the database corresponding to application-defined units of work or transactions such as the addition of a new sewer or an update to a parcel boundary.Get price

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GIS (Geographic Information Systems) encompasses both the collection of precise location data and its integration into compatible software. It’s an increasingly powerful and versatile technology for multiple applications, including mapping, surveying, conducting maintenance and managing resources. Allen Instruments will make it simpler for your organization to begin using GIS to increase the efficiency of your entire data collection workflow.Get price

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May 25, 2019 · GIS is assembled of standard equipment modules (circuit breaker, current transformers, voltage transformers, disconnect and ground switches, interconnecting bus, surge arresters, and connections to the rest of the electric power system) to match the electrical one-line diagram of the substation.Get price

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Whether you’re managing assets, responding to outages or natural disasters, or conducting routine maintenance, Trimble GIS solutions ensure you have current and accurate data for your GIS or asset management system. With the most up-to-date field data, you can be sure you’re making the right decisions when managing your assets and resources.Get price

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However the cost of GIS indoor substation is higher compared to AIS substation but it has some benefits which includes high reliability, less space requirement and less maintenance. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of outdoor switchyard is discussed below.Get price

7 Best Uses of GIS Data for Field Asset Management | Field

Heat Map of Territories with High Customer Demand. If you’re like most service companies or organizations that maintain internal or customer-owned assets, resource capacity planning is a going concern. Audit Work Order History. Being aware of what is happening in the field is half the story. The other half is understanding the history behind a completed work order. Redline Esri Asset Updates in the Field. A key aspect of enterprise asset management is accurate GIS data. For this, many field service companies leverage Esri ArcGIS. Optimize Routes to Reduce Travel Time. It seems that as technology progress marches forward, some things do stay the same. Field service companies still strive to reduce windshield time.

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The services can be used for system design and architecture, management and maintenance, map production and analysis (specialized for GIS mapping agencies also), database design and development, user training and support, and 3d modeling and visualization for GIS mapping products and GIS remote sensing products.Get price

Handbook on geographic information systems and digital mapping

overview of geographic information systems and digital mapping. The second chapter discusses, inter alia, cost-benefit analysis of an investment in digital cartography and GIS, plans for census cartographic process, digital map database development, quality assurance, database maintenance, and use of GIS during census enumeration.Get price

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Maintenance RequirementsPreparation Before MaintenanceMaintenance ProcedureSwitchgear SparesLubrication of Operating MechanismsTroubleshooting GuideMaintenance covers a wide range of activities, all of which are required to keep the switchgear in ready condition at all times to enable it perform its functions satisfactorily. The parts subjected to normal wear and agingneed to be serviced for ensuring full reliability of the operations. These parts may be mechanical components or electrical components. The interval at which the maintenance should be carried out depends upon the following factors: 1. The number of short-circuit interruptions 2. The switching frequency 3. The actual service time The actual conditions of use in terms of the frequency of operations, environment and severity of switching duty vary so much that it is impossible for the manufacturer to give detailed guidelines to the user concerning the frequency of maintenance. The latter components are likely to need periodic inspection and servicing only, to ensure that the equipment is free from dirt, dampness and deterioration, such as corrosion of metal work and...Get price

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The GIS keeps track of this relationship allowing a user to click on the map to get the data or click on the record to find the parcel on the map. It allows questions to be framed geographically GIS is a way of organizing database records by tying them to geographically synchronized slices of the world so that “where” questions can be askedGet price

Gas insulated substation (GIS) versus Air insulated

Oct 28, 2020 · 2. Maintenance. The failure rate of circuit breaker and disconnecting switch in GIS is one-fourth of that of AIS and one tenth in case of busbar, thus the maintenance cost of GIS is less than that of AIS over the lifetime. 3. Operation cost. The maintenance cost of GIS and AIS shall be equivalent. The cost for training in GIS is higher than in AIS. 4.Get price

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If a technician needs to shut down the process instrumentation line for maintenance, he or she would close both block valves and open the bleed valve. If, for any reason, the first block valve was to leak, the second block valve — along with the bleed valve — would prevent pressure or fluid buildup in the process instrumentation line.Get price

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GIS Solutions for Surveying Building New Opportunities Surveyors depend on a variety of software and technology to gather existing information, collect new information, analyze data, produce plans, manage projects, and deliver accurate data. Geographic information system (GIS) technology brings thisGet price

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Your trusted partner for over 33 years and into the future. Frontier Precision is an employee-owned company with over 33 years of experience serving survey, mapping, engineering, construction, GIS, drones/UAS, forensics, law enforcement, forestry, water resources, mosquito and vector control, and natural resources professionals throughout the western United States.Get price

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May 25, 2019 · Maintenance of GIS: Experience has shown that the internal parts of Gas Insulated Substation are so well protected inside the metal May 25, 2019. 32 second read .Get price

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Importance of Maintenance Regular equipment maintenance ensures that each device runs efficiently during its intended life span. Maintenance refers to all the actions that are perform ed to prevent a piece of equipment from failing, or to repair a failed or damaged piece of equipm ent. Therefore, maintenance is essentially a time-based orGet price

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The Power of GIS GIS is computer software that links geographic information (where things are) with descriptive information (what things are). Unlike a flat paper map, where what you see is what you get, GIS can present many layers of different information. To use a paper map, all you do is unfold it. Spread out beforeGet price

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GIS for Asset Management Solutions is a one-stop shop for those wanting to get started managing and mapping assets from the field as well as those wanting to take already mapped assets to the next level. Based on off-the-shelf ArcGIS technology from Esri and bundled with Trimble hardware and/or services, our solution provides you a lowGet price

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Once property boundaries are part of the GIS database, they can be edited using the GIS software. These edits show up on the system the next time a map is printed or the next time the edited location is viewed on the screen; this means that the GIS users see updated information more quickly than they would if they had to wait for periodicGet price

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Dec 19, 2016 · The Blowoffs are GPS points on our Esri map, with Elements we can create GIS assets to tie work orders to the Blowoffs, This helps us with all of our system maintenance and keeping reports for them.” Tailored Workspaces. As to not create confusion, it was important to Rockwood to set up unique workspaces for each employee.Get price

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Dec 14, 2007 · In this article, we shall explore how the ongoing operation and maintenance phase of the analyzer system is anticipated during project engineering and construction. We re-emphasize the distinction between analyzer systems and “conventional” process instrumentation like pressure, temperature, flow and level.Get price

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Jan 21, 2020 · A GIS Asset Management Specialist working for a government agency in Florida describes how they use GIS in their job and what skills they need to be successful. Briefly describe a typical day: Working with city and county officials to maintain GIS data like parcels, sewer data, street centerlines, addresses, etc.Get price

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Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2020, 17, 3227 2 of 14 More people live in cities now than at any other point in history. Urban growth is presenting numerous challenges for the maintenance of urban green spaces, and, consequently, for humanGet price

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Shenzhen Zhongxi Neon Digital Video Co., Ltd was founded in 2005, invested and organized by Shenzhen Zhongxi Optical Instrument Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Zhongxi Precision Industry Co., Ltd, which is a professional CCTV products developing-manufacturin...Get price

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yMaintenance Connection Onsite/Online 2.5 CMMS/GIS Technician WadeTrim Operations Services, Inc. 39201 Schoolcraft Rd. Suite B8 Livonia, MI 48150 734.432.3100Get price