Maps and GIS | The Psychological War for Vietnam, 1960-1968

The Psychological War for Vietnam, 1960-1968 relies extensively on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software to analyze the wealth of data collected during the Vietnam War. This enables the visualization of events throughout the nation that could indicate the effectiveness of the various propaganda programs the combatants undertook. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software is becoming increasingly important in the modern world.Get price

Map and data: Vietnam - Vector layers and ready-to-go GIS

Map and data: Vietnam. Download vector layers and ready-to-go GIS projects based on OSM ESRI Shape, Geodatabase, GeoJSON, PDF, CSV, TAB, PBF, XML, SQL formats forGet price

Integration of GIS and Remote Sensing for Evaluating Forest

manipulated in ENVI and ArcGIS software to calculate the FCD. The overall accuracy of classification result in comparison with the land cover map is 85.3%. The final result shows the distribution of forest canopy density in the study area, consists of dense forest density, moderate forest density, low forest density and non-forest.Get price

Asia—Esri Demographics | Documentation - ArcGIS

Vietnam Follow the links below for release notes, methodology, maps, and other documentation. Esri offers advanced demographic datasets for select countries and areas.Get price

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Gas density monitors and gas density sensors. Trafag stands for precise, reliable and maintenance-free instruments developed for the monitoring of insulating gas and other gases in the field of high- and medium-voltage switchgear.Get price

Density Mapping With GIS - GIS Lounge

Jul 08, 2018 · Density mapping is simply a way to show where points or lines may be concentrated in a given area. Common GIS tools such as ArcGIS and QGIS have point density analyses that provide a quantitative value and visual display capability that shows concentration of points.Get price

Gas density monitor with calibration valve, model GDM-100-CV

The GDM-100-CV is a gas density monitor with a calibration valve ( which is welded to the measuring instrument. This guarantees the fu...Get price

Modular Switchgear Monitoring Sulfr hexafluoride-gas Monitoring for Gas

-gas density supervision. The hybrid gas density monitor enables measu- rements through conventional switch signals and via sensor signals. The status in each gas compartment is continuously measured and displayed in a consolidated view, facilitating instant detection of any critical situations and improving the station condition awareness.Get price

Gas monitoring systems used in GIS according to IEEE

Jul 29, 2019 · Pic show gas density monitor mounted on the GIS enclosure. Gas Density Monitor Gas Monitoring GIS IEEE Sulfr hexafluoride. Ali Sepehri Send an email 2019-07-29. 0 125 1 minute read.Get price

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Jan 23, 2020 · Users can input a Crossing ID and select “Generate Map” to be taken to a custom report. Please refer to the FRA GIS Web Application User Guide for more information. Trespassers Casualty Map. The FRA Trespassers Casualty Map is an interactive map that displays all railroad trespasser-related injuries and fatalities dating back to June 2011.Get price

sf6 gas Monitoring System for GIS – GE Grid Solutions

SF 6 Monitoring System for GIS. With worldwide scrutiny on SF 6 gas usage, increased environmental reporting requirements and even possible penalties, precise early detection of small gas leaks in Gas Insulated Substations that use so much SF 6 is essential. The B Watch uses the latest generation of EMC resistant digital gas sensors to continuously measure gas pressure and temperatures in order to track changes in density and detect gas leaks down to 0.1% per year.Get price

ABB Sulfr hexafluoride-GAS DENSITY MONITOR

Detailed information for: 1HC0023254R0001 (ABB.PARTS.CHHOS1HC0023254R0001)Get price

Viet Nam - Subnational Administrative Boundaries

OCHA coordinates the global emergency response to save lives and protect people in humanitarian crises. We advocate for effective and principled humanitarian action by all, for all.Get price

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Sign in to your ArcGIS Online account. Connect people, locations, and data using interactive maps. Work with smart, data-driven styles and intuitive analysis tools.Get price

Gas Monitor System, Compartments and Zones for GIS - An

May 25, 2019 · Gas Monitor System: The insulating and interrupting capability of the gaz sf6 gas depends on the density of the Sulfr hexafluoride gas is at a minimum level established by design tests. The pressure of the Sulfr hexafluoride gas varies with temperature, so a mechanical temperature-compensated pressure switch is used to monitor the equivalent of gas density. GIS is…Get price

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Download Free Vietnam Country, Cities and Places GIS Shapefile Map Layers--Main Free GIS Maps ArcGIS Shapefiles. Download Shapefiles. Right Click on the following links to save the zipped shapefiles to your computer. Buildings (1.5m) Landuse (599k) Natural Features (8.2m) Places (102k) Points of interest (489k) Railways (230k)Get price


Vietnam - Population density 793 The GIS Biomass Atlas of Vietam is the final output from the biomass resource mapping component of the activity “ RenewableGet price

WDMS and Non Revenue Water reduction – VidaGIS

May 07, 2020 · Currently, in large urban areas of Vietnam have many residential areas which do not have enough clean water to use while an large amount of water still losses significantly. With water supply companies, non revenue water (NRW) reduction is a key issue; particularly in areas of developing countries where have high losses.Get price

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Đại lý Tempress Vietnam,Tempress insulating gas Gas Density Monitor Tempress Vietnam Tempress insulating gas Gas Density Monitor Sulfr hexafluoride gas is extremely dangerous for the environment as it is up to 23,000 times more damaging than CO2. Therefore, extra care must be taken in monitoring gas leaks. Tempress offer instruments for this purpose.Get price

iSGM On-line Intelligent gaz sf6 Gas Monitoring System

A fully flexible, modular and scalable system to monitor anything from one gas insulated circuit breaker with three gas zones to largest GIS in world with thousands of gas zones IEC 61850 Web based or Client-server software; SMS or email alertsGet price

GD40 Gas Density Detector - Yokogawa Electric Corporation

The Model GD402 gas density analyzer and Model GD40 detector not only provide continuous measurement of gas density, but also several other valuable parameters, including specific gravity and molecular weight. The GD40 detector is designed for intrinsically safe and flameproof, explosion protected applications.Get price

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Explore the state of forests worldwide by analyzing tree cover change on GFW’s interactive global forest map using satellite data. Learn about deforestation rates and other land use practices, forest fires, forest communities, biodiversity and much more.Get price

Service High Voltage Products gas monitoring systems for high

An indoor GIS inevitably needs to connect to an outdoor air-insulated substation (AIS). Some GIS compartments feed through the building walls and are therefore partially indoors/outdoors, resulting in an axial temperature gradient, i.e. along the axis of the compartment. Axial temperature gradients cause density gradients and distort the readingsGet price

Solar resource maps and GIS data for 200+ countries | Solargis

The maps and data for Vietnam have been released in parallel with Global Solar Atlas, which is published by the World Bank Group, funded by ESMAP, and prepared by Solargis. All maps on this page are licensed by The World Bank under the Creative Commons Attribution license ( CC BY 4.0 ) with the mandatory and binding addition presented in GlobalGet price

GIs' remains to be flown home from Vietnam -

The remains of 12 Americans missing in action since the Vietnam war will be flown home from Hanoi later this week. A spokeswoman at the VietnameseGet price

Buddhists, angry envoys, kid GIs, graham crackers:a reporter

IT was 1966. We were in the embattled city of Hue, South Vietnam. Buddhists, protesting the war, were waging passive resistance against the South VGet price

Forest Canopy Density and ASTER DEM based Study for Dense

International Journal of Advanced Remote Sensing and GIS 2015, Volume 4, Issue 1, pp. 1026-1032, Article ID Tech-393 ISSN 2320 - 0243 _____ __ Forest Canopy Density and ASTER DEM based Study for Dense Forest Investigation using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques around East Singhbhum in Jharkhand, India Jai Kumar, Paras Talwar and Krishna A.P.Get price

openstreetmap - Where to find Vietnam administrative level 4

I am new to mapping, and would like to make a custom map using Vietnamadministrative boundaries shape file. I found a great source at, but it is licensed for non-commercial use only.Get price

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Sulfr hexafluoride density monitor is used for monitoring and controlling Sulfr hexafluoride density (pressure) in substation equipments, where sf6 gas is used as insulating medium. To ensure the safe operating, the system will output alarm signal and deadlock alarm signal when sf6 gas leaking. Main Features of sf6 gas density monitor. 1.Stainless steel manometric element, core andGet price