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HOME GIS Data GIS Data : CPC GIS DATA (Shapefile Raster) NOTE: If you have any questions concerning any of the GIS data provided here, please contact the person responsible for the data.Get price

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NWS Shapefile Page. Shapefiles are an open published de-facto industry and government standard GIS format viewable by many, commercial and Open Source GIS Desktop and sever applications.Get price

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GIS Resources is an initiative of Spatial Media and Services Enterprises with the purpose that everyone can enrich their knowledge and develop competitiveness. GIS Resources is a global platform, for latest and high-quality information source for the geospatial industry, brings you the latest insights into the developments in geospatial scienceGet price

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Explore a range of easy-to-understand climate maps in a single interface. Featuring the work of NOAA scientists, each “snapshot” is a public-friendly version of an existing data product.Get price

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NOAA National Weather Service National Weather Service. Click on the map above for detailed alerts orGet price

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Telemetry is used to study wildlife, and has been useful for monitoring threatened species at the individual level. Animals under study can be outfitted with instrumentation tags, which include sensors that measure temperature, diving depth and duration (for marine animals), speed and location (using GPS or Argos packages).Get price

EDITORIAL Special Issue on the use of GIS in Climatology and

using GIS techniques (Graham et al.) describes how GIS techniques can be used to select an ideal site for a giant telescope. A composite database, mainly consisting of ECMWF and NCEP-NCAR Reanalysis data, has been designed and built. A preliminary version of the interactive GIS interface and a database is available on the World Wide Web.Get price

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Feb 27, 2021 · In a perfect world, you’d be able to find all the free GIS data you need on a single website. Of course, it would have to be free, downloadable from an authoritative source. But well, you know the drill. The world’s not perfect, life’s not fair. That’s why we put together this list of 10 global GIS data sets that you can download for free.Get price

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WorldEuropeAsia, EurasiaAustralia, Oceania, AntarcticaAfricaNorth America, Central America, CaribbeanSouth AmericaAntarcticaDynamic Soil StatusPortalsGet price

Global Wind Atlas

The Global Wind Atlas is a free, web-based application developed to help policymakers, planners, and investors identify high-wind areas for wind power generation virtually anywhere in the world, and then perform preliminary calculations.Get price

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Relative Humidity and Wind. 200 mb Relative Humidity, Wind. 300 mb Relative Humidity, Wind. 500 mb Relative Humidity, Wind. 700 mb Relative Humidity, Wind.Get price

Humidity sensor|Relative humidity and ambient temperature

The IntelliSAW Humidity Sensor provides real-time, continuous monitoring of electrical power critical assets to identify the potential for flashover The sensor’s sintered cap, threaded body, water resistant M 12 connector, and 4 kV surge protection provides the level of packaging robustness required for reliableGet price

Creating a Grid in QGIS of with 1meter intervals - Geographic

For anybody whogot the same problem, I used the EPSG: 32644 - WGS 84/UTM zone 44 N Coordinate Reference System to use meters scale. – Jay Mar 4 '20 at 8:11 Yeah, but keep in mind that Zone 44N is only suited for the area "between 78°E and 84°E, northern hemisphere between equator and 84°N, onshore and offshore.Get price

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ISA - Altanova Group. Via Prati Bassi, 22 21020 Taino (Va) - ITALY Phone +39 0331 95 60 81 Email [email protected] VAT IT03711700967. TECHIMP - Altanova Group. Via Toscana 11,Get price

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Altitude has one use on the context in which it is used (aviation, geometry, geographical survey, sport, and more).As a general definition, altitude is a distance measurement, usually in the vertical or "up" direction, between a reference datum and a point or object.Get price

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The zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) is a small freshwater mussel.The species was originally native to the lakes of southern Russia and Ukraine, but has been accidentally introduced to numerous other areas and has become an invasive species in many countries worldwide.Get price

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Absolute humidity refers to the amount of water vapor present in a unit volume of air, usually expressed in grams per cubic meter. At 30°C (86°F), absolute humidity can range from near zero to about 30 grams per meter. Specific humidity is the ratio of water vapor to dry air. It is equal to the mass of water vapor in the air divided by the total mass of the air parcel, including the water vapor.Get price

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The data can be saved in many formats, including GIS, and read directly into software such as MATLAB. There is a little bit of a learning curve, but it is very powerful. Tutorials can help if youGet price

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The Town of Peterborough uses GIS (Geographic Information System) to effectively and efficiently map landscape features and maintain databases that are used daily in all departments. The Office of Planning Building, Public Works Department and Administration maintain several data sets available for public use.Get price

What Is a Humidistat and Why Does It Matter

The recommended home humidity level is within the range of 45 to 60 percent. A dehumidifier is required to remove excess humidity. A humidifier is used to add moisture to a room. These two appliances can be considered home essentials.Get price

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YouTube; Find us also here... YouTube; Find us also here... []Get price

python - Calculate area of polygons in square meters when CRS

First thing to take care is the selection of appropriate projection. Area distortions are the least in equal area projections (such as EPSG:3035 for area of Europe) or as suggested in the link you provided you can use global Albers equal area projection You can use also EPSG:25832 for calculating area but as I said, I'm not going into details about the accuracy of calculated area.Get price

What Units Are Used to Measure Humidity? | ThermoPro

Oct 08, 2019 · Absolute humidity is the measurement of water in its gas state in comparison to a meter of air. Grams are used to measure the water vapor, and the air is measured in cubic meters. That sounds simple enough, but barometric pressure and other variables drastically impact the air, and that makes it difficult to get useful information from absoluteGet price

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The IEM maintains an ever growing archive of automated airport weather observations from around the world! These observations are typically called 'ASOS' or sometimes 'AWOS' sensors.Get price

Switchgear Type 8DJH for Secondary Distribution Systems up to

Application ypical T uses 2 Switchgear Type 8DJH for Secondary Distribution Systems up to 24 kV, Gas-Insulated · Siemens HA 40.2 · 2017 R-HA40-111.tif R-HA40-112.tif R_HA40-150a tifGet price

Hygrometer a Weather Instrument that Measure Humidity

Jul 03, 2019 · What is Humidity? Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere caused by condensation and evaporation. It can be measured as absolute humidity (the amount of water vapor in a unit volume of air), or a relative humidity (the ratio of moisture in the atmosphere to the maximum moisture the atmosphere can hold).Get price

California Heatwave Fits a Trend - NASA

The map above shows air temperatures across the United States on September 6, 2020, when much of the Southwest roasted in a dramatic heatwave. The map was derived from the Goddard Earth Observing System (GEOS) model and represents temperatures at 2 meters (about 6.5 feet) above the ground. The darkest red areas are where the model showsGet price

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Feb 01, 2021 · The Humidity Sounder for Brazil (HSB) is primarily a humidity sounder providing supplementary water vapor and liquid data to be used in the cloud clearing process. HSB is a near identical copy of AMSU-B. Due to budget constraints, it implements only four passive moisture sounding channels of the five AMSU-B channels.Get price


steam (vapor) — typically maintain relative humidity (RH) levels within 1-5% of an established set point, with the ability to maintain a specific level of control directly dependent on the system’s ability to respond to changing environmental conditions. Responsiveness is affected by two things: delivery of the energy source,Get price

Monitoring of Emission of Particulate Matter and Air

ABSTRACT Fine suspended particulate matter with an aerodynamic diameter smaller than 10 (РМ10) or 2.5 µm (РМ2.5) can be a dangerous air pollutant necessitating operational monitoring. Of the 1113 major Russian cities, however, only a few monitor industrial emissions of PM10 and PM2.5. Here, we develop an approach to using mobile multi-wave (1064, 532, and 355 nm) lidar to estimate theGet price