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The GIW Minerals TBC is currently the most operated severe duty slurry pump in the Canadian Oil Sands Industry. ZW Double-Suction Vertical Pump GIW’s ZW vertical pumps are suited for pumping highly abrasive slurry, as well as applications such as dewatering, floor clean-up and process transfer.Get price

GIS/ GISO Series End Suction Pumps

Aug 11, 2012 · The single stage end suction pump has been designed with latest CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and is accordance with the international standard ISO 5 . This highly efficient and flexible GHVLJQ PDNHV the GISO / GIS series pump ideal for wide range of pumping applications, from ZDWHU VXSSO\ DQGGet price

GIS in an Overview of Iraq Petroleum Geology, by Jingyao Gong

GIS in an Overview of Iraq Petroleum Geology. By. Jingyao Gong 1 and Larry Gerken 2. Search and Discovery Article #10043 (2003) 1 AAPG, Tulsa, OK, USA ([emailGet price

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The single stage end suction pump has been designed with latest CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and is accordance with the international standard ISO2858. This highly efficient and flexible design makes the GISO / GIS series pump ideal for wide range of pumping applications, from water supply and irrigation to mining and building services.Get price

ITT GISP GISP Centrifugal Pump by AS Pump Co.,Ltd

Product Description ITT Centrifugal Pump ITT Pump AS Pump Co.,Ltd can provide ITT Centrifugal Pumps including series as follows: ITT GISP GISP Centrifugal Pump: GISP 200x150-400 ITT SVP Vertical Multistage Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pump ITT SPE Coaxial Horizontal Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pump ITT GIS Single Stage Single Suction Horizontal Centrifugal Pump ITT PDM Multistage CentrifugalGet price

Case histories of pump explosions while running isolated

Apr 16, 2004 · Case histories involve both combustible and non‐combustible process streams where the pump was inadvertently started and allowed to run isolated until the process material heated up and built enough pressure to rupture the pump housing creating a BLEVE (Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion). Incident learnings will be presented for each case.Get price

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GIW pumps have been used to pump coal slurry in West Virginia, coal ash in the Ohio Valley, tar sands in Canada and hundreds of different materials in between — everywhere in the world. GIW Industries began as a small foundry and machine shop in Augusta, Ga., in 1891.Get price

High Suction Energy Pumps May Require Higher NPSH Margins

Applying my suction energy methodology (see Pump Tips, Dec. 2012 and Jan. 2013) to this problem field application yields a suction energy ratio of 1.33 (well into high suction energy, where cavitation damage is possible, especially with soft impeller materials such as the cast iron used in our problem application) and an NPSH margin ratio of 1.36.Get price


Five pumps were needed in the second year (two existing VSD pumps and three new pumps). These operated in 3+2 arrangement (3 operating + 2 standby). Each pump provides a capacity and head of 2,500 m3/h and 60 m, respectively. In this way, two VSD-driven pumps can be installed for the first year of operation. Each pump has its own suction line.Get price

Pump Terminology Used for Pump Selection

Suction Head: Used when the liquid source is located above the center line of the pump. This may also be referred to as "flooded suction." This may also be referred to as "flooded suction." Static Suction Lift : Used to describe the distance from the pump center line down to the free level of the liquid source below the pump.Get price

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GCO Threaded centrifugal pumps with open impeller; GFC Cast iron in-line single and twin pumps; GFH Cast iron end suction pumps acc to EN 733; GIS/GISO Series End Suction Pumps; GSC Series Horizontal Double Suction Split Casing Pumps; In-line Pumps e-LNE; Solids Handling End Suction Centrifugal Pumps - SHO; UP / UPL / UPH / UP (T) Axially SplitGet price

GIS in an Overview of Iraq Petroleum Geology

GIS in an Overview of Iraq Petroleum Geology By Jingyao Gong1 and Larry Gerken2 Search and Discovery 10041 (2003) 1AAPG, Tulsa, OK, USA ([email protected]) 2Newfield Exploration Company, Tulsa, OK, USA ([email protected])Get price

Replacing Stationary Irrigation System to Floating Pumps in Iraq

REPLACING THE STATIONARY IRRIGATION SYSTEM IN IRAQ. The project involves the upgrading and renewal of all existing pumping stations in the country, through the acquisition of floating pumping equipment developed by ETEC S.A. After many years of research and procurement, ETEC S.A. with class-leading product, the floating axial pump has been chosen to be the provider of all the pumping stations that are being renovated and likewise the new ones.Get price


in the wet glycol piping between the absorber and pump and in the suction line to the pump, with provisions made for mainte-nance of the filters. Suction piping should preferably be large enough to permit a positive feed to the pump. Feed pressure must be more than 4 or 5 inches of Hg vacuum to prevent pump cavitation.Get price

Suitability analysis for siting oil and gas filling stations

standard of pump stations to roads is to be locations appropriate for siting the oilat least 15 m, and hence a buffer of 15 m was generated in ArcGIS environment. Again using set standard distance of at least 100 m and 400 m from any public facility and water bodies respectively, buffers were generated for each of the oil andGet price

Emergency Isolation Valves for Pump Suction: Application for

To minimise the inventory that could leak, Emergency Isolation Valves (EIVs) are provided at the suction of pumps or at the bottom of the vessel connecting to the pump suction. In addition, double mechanical seals, EIVs at pump discharge, fire and gas detection system and fire suppression systems are provided.Get price

Aleksandar Panic - Disaster Preparedness and Response

System that includes raw water suction pumps, primary settling tanks, reverse osmosis unit, and distribution point was set up and running within 6 hours from the time of arrival on ground. Due to these actions sufficient amount of drinking water was available to the town of Samac and surrounding villages.Get price

Negative Effects of Air/Gas on Pump Performance, NPSHA/NPSHR

The three major concerns from operating a centrifugal pump with excess entrained air are the impact on the head-capacity performance of a pump (lower head and flow, possibly leading to air binding and the complete loss of flow); the impact (increase) on the pump NPSHR (net positive suction head required); and/or dry running and possible failureGet price

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Xylem is a leader in developing innovative water solutions through smart technology. Learn more about Xylemwater, wastewater and energy solutions.Get price

Iraq Tensions Will Cost You at the Gas Pump - TheStreet

Jun 20, 2014 · Higher gas prices will prevail at the pump with the threat of military actions in Iraq rising since even the threat of a disruption in the supply of crude oil sends the market into a frenzy.Get price

UN Office of the Iraq Program - Oil-for-Food

Iraq program info. Oil-for-Food Programme Background Brief - Water and Sanitation The Oil-for-Food Programme was established in April 1995 as a temporary measure to ease the unintendedGet price

Investigations on Centrifugal Pumps under Air Entrainment

Sep 04, 2015 · For investigations on centrifugal pumps, a hydraulic test facility was designed and built up. Thus, two-phase flows with defined adjustable gas volume fractions can be provided at the suction side of the centrifugal pump. Additionally, two specific gas phase fraction arrangements are selectable.Get price

LCC Slurry Pumps On GIW Minerals, A KSB Company

The LCC-M Series Slurry Pump is a hard metal, horizontal, end-suction, centrifugal slurry pump. These pumps are available in single-wall, hard-iron construction. The hydraulic wet end consists of three components: a shell or casing, an impeller that screws onto the shaft and a suction plate/liner to permit easy assembly and disassembly for maintenance and inspections.Get price

Iraq Pumping Crude Oil at Record Levels, Unaffected by

Sep 09, 2018 · Iraq is producing crude at a level of about 4.36 million barrels a day, as agreed with limits set by OPEC, and has a capacity to pump about 4.75 million barrels, without the semi-autonomousGet price

Protecting centrifugal pumps at low flow - ScienceDirect

Centrifugal pumps which operate under variable flow rates often require protection against prolonged operation at low flow rates. Determining the flow rate at which protection is required and the type of protection required is as important as the actual provision of low flow protection.Get price

Groundwater use and policy options for sustainable management

Iraq is an under-studied region in the water resources management and policy literature. Yet, groundwater use there dates back centuries. Ancient mountain channels and hand-dug wells are the norm in many regions. Many hand-dug wells remain in use today. Villages are often located near surface springs and tap this water supply; hand-dug wellsGet price

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Pumps Motors Pre-certification Archimedes Pump First invented by Archimedes of Syracuse (287 BC –212 BC) Called the Egyptian Screw Used to pull water from the Nile River to irrigate the Nile Delta. Human Heart Pump Classes Centrifugal is most commonly used is a velocity type pump Positive displacement Frame Mounted Pumps Are a horizontal pumpGet price

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GOULDS 3406 DOUBLE SUCTION CENTRIFUGAL PUMP 3X4-12IN 1IN SHAFT 2800RPM 80925 ITEM: GOULDS DOUBLE SUCTION CENTRIFUGAL PUMP 3X4-12IN 1IN SHAFT 2800RPM MODEL: 3406 LISTER: AL WEIGHT: 420lb ITEM# 80925 We accept Paypal and Credit Cards. 1. We always offer combined shipping discounts for multiple items.Get price

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Xylem is a leader in developing innovative water solutions through smart technology. Learn more about Xylemwater, wastewater and energy solutions.Get price