The application of GIS in Tourism Carrying Capacity

Rhodes, Greece, 31 August to 2 September 2017 CEST2017_00494 The application of GIS in Tourism Carrying Capacity Assessment for the Island of Rhodes, Greece Kyrıakou K.1, Hatırıs G.-A.2,3*, Kapsımalıs V.2, Sourıanos E.1 And Vandarakıs D.2,3 1 Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Department of Civil Engineering, Thessaloniki, 54124, GreeceGet price

Maps, GIS, and archaeological data: Corinth and Greece

Compared to ASTER GDEM and SRTM, Copernicus has higher resolution DEMs and other data for Europe and Greece. Digital Atlas of Roman and Medieval Civilization (DARMC): makes freely available on the internet the best available materials for a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) approach to mapping and spatial analysis of the Roman and medievalGet price

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Information on the environment for those involved in developing, adopting, implementing and evaluating environmental policy, and also the general publicGet price

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Greece area: 521922623 numgeometries: 4 gid: 101102 objectid: 84133 iso: GRC name: Greece num_children: 14 geom_area: 33.01145394293306Get price

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Today’s top 20 Gis jobs in Greece. Leverage your professional network, and get hired. New Gis jobs added daily.Get price

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Greece ISSN 1817-6127 The European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies is a partnership, hosted by the WHO Regional Office for Europe, which includes the Governments of Austria, Belgium, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the Veneto Region of Italy; the European Commission; theGet price

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Foreig01: Proportion of people who do not have the Greek citizenship in 2001 (Census) Income01: Mean recorded household income (in Euros) earned in 2001 and declared in 2002 tax forms. Details: The X, Y coordinates refer to the geometric centroids of the new 325 Municipalities in Greece (Programme Kallikratis) in 2011. The boundary data of theGet price

GIS - The Importance of Quality Data

quality data is not widely understood. Poor quality data can be a frustration, an impediment, or even a danger to the utility and its staff .” While the actual cost of poor GIS data quality is elusive, the cost to improve the data quality is a known quantity. However, according to the report, data improvement can be a lengthy and expansiveGet price

Guidance for Geospatial Data Quality Assurance Project Plans

The EPA Quality System defined in EPA Order 5360.1 A2, Policy and Program Requirements for the Mandatory Agency-wide Quality System (EPA 2000d), includes coverage of environmental data or “any measurement or information that describe environmental processes, location, or conditions; ecological or health effects and consequences; or theGet price

5.1 Geospatial Data Quality: Validity, Accuracy, and

The resolution of an instrument affects the precision, or degree of exactness, of measurements taken with it.Consider a temperature reading from a water sample. An instrument capable of recording a measurement of 17 °C is not as precise as one that can record 17.032 °C. Precision is also important in spatial data, as can be seen in in Figure 5.2.Get price

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ALFA MEASUREMENTS is an independent private company located in Athens, Greece and operating worldwide. It provides high quality testing and measuring services with a focus in environmental applications. ALFA MEASUREMENTS is accredited to EN/ISO/IEC 17025 by the Hellenic Accreditation System S.A. , the National Accreditation Body in Greece.Get price

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Environmental models interfaced to GIS (e.g., SESOIL) FOMFIS TM (a management and forest fire prevention product) FALK TM Maps, and maps upon demand; GeoCharta TM (The geology of Greece in association with the National Geology Institute of Greece, and Marathon Data Systems Crp.) HERMES TM (GIS-based s/w for courier and post services)Get price

Data Quality

Data quality refers to the ability of a given dataset to satisfy the objective for which it was created. With the voluminous amounts of geospatial data being created and served to the cartographic community, care must be taken by individual geographic information system (GIS) users to ensure that the data employed for their project is suitableGet price

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Jan 11, 2008 · Data quality is a pillar in any GIS implementation and application as reliable data are indispensable to allow the user obtaining meaningful results. Spatial Data quality can be categorized into Data completeness, Data Precision, Data accuracy and Data Consistency. Data Completeness: It is basically the measure of totality of features.Get price

Indoor air quality investigation of the school environment

Nov 01, 2016 · Investigation of the air quality in schools helps the assessment of the pollution level and the application of corrective measures if necessary. In a school study in Hong Kong ( Lee and Chang, 2000 ), the two most important air quality problems found concerned PM 10 and CO 2 levels.Get price

Impact of geographical information system on public health

Geographic information system (GIS) is a computer-based program that collects, analyzes, and stores the requested information from the specific geographic location. This system has the ability to converge informations in relation to the accommodation of population, air pollution, and climatic changes.Get price

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The Importance of Error, Accuracy, and PrecisionSome Basic DefinitionsTypes of ErrorSources of Inaccuracy and ImprecisionThe Problems of Propagation and CascadingBeware of False Precision and False Accuracy!The Dangers of Undocumented DataUntil quite recently, people involved in developing and using GIS paid little attention to the problems caused by error, inaccuracy, and imprecision in spatial datasets. Certainly, there was an awareness that all data suffers from inaccuracy and imprecision, but the effects on GIS problems and solutions was not considered in great detail. Major introductions to the field such as C. Dana TomlinGeographic Information Systems and Cartographic Modeling (1990), Jeffrey Star and John EstesGeographic Information Systems: An Introduction (1990), and Keith ClarkeAnalytical and Computer Cartography(1990) barely mention the issue. This situation has changed substantially in recent years. It is now generally recognized that error, inaccuracy, and imprecision can "make or break" many types of GIS projects. That is, errors left unchecked can make the results of a GIS analysis almost worthless. The irony is that the problem of error is it devolves from one of the greatest strengths of GIS...Get price

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HistoryStandardsUnits and SystemsSome Special NamesDifficultiesDefinitions and Theoriesin PhysicsReferencesExternal LinksThe word "measurement" is derived from the Greek word "metron"which means a limited proportion. The history of measurements is a topic within the history of science and technology.Get price


The resulting information is delivered in the form of printable maps and / or GIS files (vector - raster) for further analysis. The RRM products refere to the support of measures / activities, which are linked to prevention, preparedness, risk reduction and mitigation and rehabilitation.Get price

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Geographic information science, systems, software (collectively known as GIS) and methods are one of the tools epidemiologists use in defining and evaluating the where. This chapter reviews GIS applications as they pertain to the 10 steps of a field investigation.Get price

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Nov 19, 2019 · Measures of vital health factors, including high school graduation rates, obesity, smoking, unemployment, access to healthy foods, the quality of air and water, income inequality, and teen births in nearly every county in America.Get price

GIS and Water Pollution

GIS has also enabled water quality analysis to occur at many scales, this is a critical feature because in order to understand where and how water pollution occurs, both small and broad areas need to be targeted (Tong et al, 2002).Get price

Rf-Emf Exposure Levels in Sensitive Land use In Greece

Results: At the $97.5\%$ of schools found in Korydallos region, the exposure level is at least 2200 times below the Greek exposure limits. Conclusion: The exposure levels in the locations tested are both below $60\%$ of the highest limit set by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection regarding school exposures.Get price

GIS Data: A Look at Accuracy, Precision, and Types of Errors

Nov 06, 2011 · Related Articles about GIS Data Quality. Spatial Data Quality: An Introduction; About the Author. Manuel S Pascual (born in Sevilla, Spain) has a Master’s degree in Geography from the University of Seville with majors in Cartography and Photogrammetry. Pascual did his post graduate work at UNM with an emphasis in GIS and Remote Sensing.Get price

Greece — Climate-ADAPT

The River Basin Management Plans 2016-2021 (2nd policy cycle) were instutionalised on 29/12/2017. They include measures to improve the quantity and quality of water bodies and to reduce anthropogenic pressures. Regarding Flood Risks, Greece has transposed the EU Directive 2007/60/EC in 2010 (Gov.Gazette 1108/B/21.07.2010).Get price

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The maps and data for Greece have been released in parallel with Global Solar Atlas, which is published by the World Bank Group, funded by ESMAP, and prepared by Solargis. All maps on this page are licensed by The World Bank under the Creative Commons Attribution license ( CC BY 4.0 ) with the mandatory and binding addition presented in GlobalGet price

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Interactive GIS Maps Public Access Maps App s Boil Water Areas Map Fire District Map Bike Routes Map Parks Map Parks 2018Master Plan Plat Book Zoning Map Future Land Use Map Watering RestrictionsViolations App 311 Issues amp Code Cases Map PW Issues Map Water Quality Data App Capital Projects App Building Permit Map Potential Cape Coral Commercial Lands Development Planning Activities SouthGet price

GIS - a Powerful Tool for Pavement Management and Capital

GIS is a powerful tool to that can be used to bring all of this important data together. Most people only think about the obvious GIS use – the physical collection of utility data inventory. However, there are so many other ways that GIS can assist municipalities with planning.Get price

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Level 4: COVID-19 Very High. COVID-19 in Greece April 02, 2021 Travelers should avoid all travel to Greece.; COVID-19 Global Notice - Very High. Updated Cruise Ship Travel and COVID-19 April 12, 2021 CDC recommends that travelers defer all cruise travel worldwide.Get price