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Geographic Information System (GIS) Framework for Disaster Management An Esri India Whitepaper NIIT GIS Ltd (Esri India), Plot No. 223-224, Udyog Vihar, Phase I, Gurgaon, Haryana - 122002, India TEL +91 (124) 400-2702 * FAX +91 (24) 400-2701 * E-MAIL [email protected] * WEB www.esriindia.comGet price

Vision 2020 beyond: Growing role of Geographic Information

Dec 30, 2019 · Vision 2020 beyond: Growing role of Geographic Information System in transforming India. GIS technology has been applied across sectors, from agriculture, water, environment, healthcare, to townGet price

India: A Vision for National GIS - Esri

The state of KarnatakaGIS program is a successful model for National GIS. India is a vast country, with a population of more than 1.2 billion people spread over 3.29 million square kilometers. The country is composed of more than 600,000 villages and 7,000 cities and features a varied geography with a rapidly changing and complex soGet price

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The GIS keeps track of this relationship allowing a user to click on the map to get the data or click on the record to find the parcel on the map. It allows questions to be framed geographically GIS is a way of organizing database records by tying them to geographically synchronized slices of the world so that “where” questions can be askedGet price

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A geographic information system (GIS) is a framework for gathering, managing, and analyzing data. Rooted in the science of geography, GIS integrates many types of data. It analyzes spatial location and organizes layers of information into visualizations using maps and 3D scenes.Get price

GIS-Based Assessment of Methane Emission from Livestock in India

emission in India is 15.3 Tg yr-1 with Banas Kantha (Gujarat) and Uttar Pradesh being the highest emission contributor at district and state level, respectively. Thus, monitoring and understanding spatial livestock distribution and its CHGet price


This presentation is prepared by Mukund Rao (International EO/GIS and Space Consultant; [email protected]) for presentation at 12TH NSDI Workshop held in New Delhi during December 20/21, 2012 and no part of this may be copied, distributed, utilised without permission from Mukund Rao. INDIA NSDI – 2012 INDIA NSDI – 2001 SOI SERVER IMAGEGet price

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HMV Engineering provide specialist energy services to the highest safety and quality standards. As a National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS) accredited Independent Connections Provider (ICP), HMV Engineering can provide a solution at Low and High voltages to ensure an efficient approach is provided to connect your installation to the grid.Get price

Mapping Indian Agricultural Emissions

4.2 District-level greenhouse gas emissions from livestock subsector (EV-L) in India 29 4.3 District-level emissions of N 2O (EV-N) from agriculture in India 31 4.4 District-level greenhouse gas emissions from rice cultivation (EV-R) in India 32 4.5 District-level greenhouse gas emissions from crop residue and burning (EV-C) in India 33Get price

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At HMV we provide our employees with opportunities to work on challenging and rewarding projects. We’ve nurtured and grown a highly skilled, professional team through our robust talent development initiatives, exposure to the latest technology, and on-the-job learning.Get price

GIS Companies in Ahmedabad – GIS in India

Visit the post for more. Indialargest directory of GIS OrganizationsGet price

GHG Platform India

The Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) recognizes GHG Platform India in its Second Biennial Update Report (BUR II) submitted to the UNFCCC in December 2018 (Section 6.6, Page 202).Get price

A GIS based emissions inventory at 1 km × 1 km spatial

A GIS based emissions inventory at 1 km 1 km spatial resolution for air pollution analysis in Delhi, India Sarath K. Guttikundaa,*, Giuseppe Calorib,1 aDivision of Atmospheric Sciences, Desert Research Institute, Reno, 89512, USA b ARIA Technologies, Boulogne Billancourt 92100, France highlights < An emissions inventory for PM, SO 2,NOGet price

AIR Transport Emission-Edited - India GHG Program

quesoning the reliability of emission figures. In India, emission factors specific to air transport prevailing with Indian condions is unavailable. This study aims to determine a methodology to esmate India specific air transport emission factors to aid the Indian corporate strengthen its GHG accounng process.Get price

GIS for Green Revolution in India - Geospatial IT

GIS for Green Revolution in India What is Green Revolution? Well, the first Green revolution has happened in India during 1960’s. M.S. Swaminathan known as Father of India’s first green revolution who had designed, planned and implemented a program for boosting the agricultural output with the help of poor farmers in India.Get price

India GHG Program | Greenhouse Gas Protocol

The India GHG Program is a voluntary initiative to standardize measurement and management of GHG emissions in India. Launched in March 2012 by WRI India, the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), the India GHG Program is a center for excellence on GHG accounting in India. The program promotes a more competitive, profitable and sustainable business environment; broadens engagement between policymakers and the business sector in supporting theGet price

India GHG Program | Promoting profitable, sustainable and

Nov 30, 2015 · The India GHG Program led by WRI India, Confederation of India Industry (CII) and The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) is an industry-led voluntary framework to measure and manage greenhouse gas emissions.The programme builds comprehensive measurement and management strategies to reduce emissions and drive more profitable, competitive and sustainable businesses and organisations in India.Get price

India: A Vision for National GIS - ESRI

Sep 14, 2011 · In support of this national goal, India is set to establish a next- generation GIS—a National GIS—that empowers its citizens, enhances efficiency in governance, and supports an inclusive social and economic order. Dovetailed into this larger vision of National GIS, the state of Karnataka has envisioned its statewide GIS subplatform.Get price

GIS-Based Assessment of Methane Emission from Livestock in India

Results show, livestock CH 4 emission in India is 15.3 Tg yr-1 with Banas Kantha (Gujarat) and Uttar Pradesh being the highest emission contributor at district and state level, respectively.Get price

GIS-Based On-Road Vehicular Emission Inventory for Lucknow, India

Oct 04, 2016 · For one such city, Lucknow, a geographic information system (GIS)-based methodology for emission inventory of on-road vehicles has been developed. The pollutants include: sulfur dioxide ( SO 2 ); oxides of nitrogen ( NO x ); carbon monoxide (CO); particulate matter (PM); 1,3 butadiene; formaldehyde; acetaldehyde; total aldehydes; and total polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).Get price

Greenhouse gas emissions from Indian livestock | SpringerLink

Aug 16, 2012 · Cattle and buffalo are the major methane emitters (10.9 Tg), as compared to other livestock (0.86 Tg). The nitrous oxide emission from Indian livestock for the year 2003 was estimated 1.42 Gg/year, with major contribution of 86.1 % from poultry. The total CO 2 equivalent GHG emission from Indian livestock was 247.2 Mt for the year 2003. Using the remote sensing derived potential feed/fodder area, the average methane flux from Indian livestock was computed as 74.4 kg/ha.Get price

Alstom TD India to supply Power Grids first Make in India

Alstom TD India has been awarded a contract worth approximately 34 million (INR 2266 million) by Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (Power Grid) to supply two Gas-Insulated Substations (GIS). The two substations will be located at Betul in Madhya Pradesh and Navsari in Gujarat.Get price


Jan 09, 2018 · The Gas Insulated Substation (GIS) is a compact assembly consisting of multiple components enclosed in a metallic covering with compressed sulphur hexafluoride (Sulfr hexafluoride) gas as an insulating medium.Get price

What is the potential of Indian Geospatial Market

A comprehensive study, the Indian Geospatial Economy (IGE) Report 2018 finds that the Indian geospatial market is currently valued at INR 7,679 crore and is pegged to grow at 13.8% CAGR between FY 2017-18 and FY 2020-21. The study finds the GNSS and Positioning segment to dominate the market with GIS and Spatial Analytics coming a distant second.Get price

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) - Indian River County

Indian River CountyGIS Mission is to utilize GIS and GIS-based technologies to improve analysis and subsequent decisions aimed at improving internal and public services and products. GIS is to provide proactive support and assistance, in terms of both technology and staff, to acquire, convert, integrate, maintain, document, analyzeGet price

India: Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2007

According to the results, India ranks 5thin aggregate GHG emissions in the world, behind USA, China, EU and Russia in 2007. Interestingly, the emissions of USA and China are almost 4 times that of India in 2007.Get price


the emissions from AFOLU sector to India’s gross as well as per capita emissions. 3 Using Census of India 2001 and 2011 values, population for the intermediate years has been calculated using linear trend.Get price

What’s Polluting Delhi’s Air? - UrbanEmissions.Info

Nature of air pollution and emission sources in Indian cities (Atmospheric Environment, 2014) Health impacts of air pollution in Delhi (Environmental Development, 2013) A GIS based emissions inventory for Delhi (Atmospheric Environment, 2013) Critical review of receptor modeling in India (Atmospheric Environment, 2012)Get price

Estimation of Potential GHG Emissions From Biomass Burning in

Biomass burning associated with shifting cultivation areas from the north-eastern region of India is an important source of trace gas emissions not only in India but also for the south -east asian region, due to relatively high contribution. Northeastern region of India constitutes, seven states, covering an area of about 0.26 million Seventy percent of the study area is occupied byGet price