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Nov 19, 2019 · These resources include links to publicly available health-related data sets. A few examples of what can be found in the links below include data on various diseases and conditions and on health behaviors, health resources, rural health, health indicators, mortality, and morbidity.Get price

Geographical Indication Protection in the United States

United States has found that by protecting geographical indications through the trademark system – usually as certification and collective marks -- the United States can provide TRIPS-plus levels of protection to GIs, of either domestic or foreign origin. The United States has provided protection to foreign and domestic GIs since at least 1946,Get price

Geospatial Resources at EPA | US EPA

Apr 07, 2021 · EPANational Geospatial Program coordinates the Agencygeospatial data, applications, policies and programs. This website provides an overview of EPA’s geospatial resourcesGet price

GIS Data - Data and Tools - USGS

GIS for focus areas of potential domestic resources of 11 critical minerals—aluminum, cobalt, graphite, lithium, niobium, platinum group elements, rare earth elements, tantalum, tin, titanium, and tungsten: U.S. Geological Survey data releaseGet price

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) | Earthdata

Apr 19, 2021 · GIS is a collection of computer-based tools for organizing information from a variety of data sources to map and examine changes on Earth. It is designed to capture, store, manage, analyze, and visualize all types of geographical data, and allow for the integration and collective analysis ofGet price

GIS Data Download - USGS

The Topographic Maps and geographical information system (GIS) data provided in The National Map are pre-generated into downloadable products often available in multiple formats. The vector datasets include: The National Hydrography Dataset(s), Watershed Boundary Dataset, Governmental Boundary Units, Transportation, Structures, ElevationGet price

Geospatial Services Branch - Farm Service Agency

The Geospatial Services Branch (GSB) provides technical and programmatic support, and assistance on geospatial related issues to Farm Service Agency (FSA) Service Centers, State Offices, and Headquarters offices as well as to other government agencies and the public.Get price

Data Downloads - National Register of Historic Places (U.S

The National Register of Historic Places is the official list of the Nationhistoric places worthy of preservation. Authorized by the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, the National Park ServiceNational Register of Historic Places is part of a national program to coordinate and support public and private efforts to identify, evaluate, and protect Americahistoric andGet price

Wetlands Mapper - FWS

Oct 01, 2020 · Wetlands Mapper. The Wetlands mapper is designed to deliver easy-to-use, map like views of America’s Wetland resources. It integrates digital map data along with other resource information to produce current information on the status, extent, characteristics and functions of wetlands, riparian, and deepwater habitats.Get price

Determinations of Highly Erodible Lands (HEL)

Sep 23, 1996 · The statute provides that all cropland being used to produce a commodity crop (annually tilled or sugarcane) must have an HEL determination. Because of subsequently updated mapping and/or technology, the soils mapping on which the HEL determinations were completed may or may not correspond with the digital soils information included in Toolkit.Get price


ENC Data for GIS. ENCs also provide vector base maps for use in geographic information systems (GIS) that are used for coastal management and other purposes. The NOAA ENC Direct to GIS service supports extracting ENC data into GIS supported formats.Get price

GIS At DOT | US Department of Transportation

Yet, despite these constraints, DOT’s GIS Managers, Specialists, and Analysts have produced a number of sophisticated and innovative geospatial products and applications. Using GIS, DOT staff have helped meet mission goals and revealed what cannot be discerned with tabular data, providing “aha” moments to management and stakeholders.Get price

Air Quality Designations for Ozone | US EPA

The Clean Air Act requires EPA to designate areas in the United States after the agency sets a new National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS) or revises an existing standard April 14, 2020 - EPA denies Petition for Reconsideration of Uinta Basin, Utah Designation.Get price

Information Access Guide - FOIA

Passport Services maintains United States passport records which may consist of passport applications and supporting evidence of United States citizenship, and other records such as Consular Reports of Birth Abroad, Consular Reports of Death (of a U.S. Citizen), Certificates of Loss of Nationality, or Certificates of Witness to Marriage.Get price

Appeals - FOIA

Any adverse determination, including the failure to find material responsive to the request or the denial of access to material, may be administratively appealed by the requester. Denial of Access. Appeals of denial of access should be made in writing and should be sent to the U.S. Department of State Appeals Officer HST Room B266Get price

H.R.4449 - Patient Self Determination Act of 1990 101st

Patient Self Determination Act of 1990 - Amends titles XVIII (Medicare) and XIX (Medicaid) of the Social Security Act to require hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, hospice programs, and health maintenance organizations to: (1) inform patients of their rights under State law to make decisions concerning their medical care; (2) periodically inquire as to whether a patient executed an advanced directive and document the patientwishes regarding their medical care; (3Get price

Indian termination policy - Wikipedia

On 2 July 1948 Congress enacted An Act to confer jurisdiction on the State of New York with respect to offenses committed on Indian reservations within such State, [Public Law 881] 62 Stat. 1224. The language was virtually identical to the Kansas, North Dakota and Iowa statutes, with two important differences.Get price

A wage determination is a listing of wage rates and fringe benefit rates for each labor category of workers which the U.S. Department of Labor has determined to be prevailing in a given area. Wage determinations fall under two categories: Davis-Bacon Act (DBA) WDs and Service Contract Act (SCA) WDs. The DBA applies to contracts involving the construction, alteration, and/or repair (including painting or decorating) of public buildings or public works.Get price

Conservation Compliance for Wetlands | NRCS

Agricultural producers may request a wetland determination that locates and certifies the existence of wetlands subject to the 1985 Food Security Act on their land. A new activity that improves or creates drainage, land levels, fills, clears land, or conducts excavation will prompt an update to Form AD-1026 ("Highly Erodible Land ConservationGet price

COVID-19 Hospitalizations

To zoom, hold down Alt key and click and drag to create a rectangle. Double click to reset zoom.Get price

Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act

The Affect Determination T able should be completed by the environmental document author and is to be inserted into the Environmental Impacts section of the environmental document after the T E discussion if a “No Effect” determination has been reached for all species and critical habitats.Get price

USDA - National Agricultural Statistics Service - GIS Reports

USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service Information. NASS publications cover a wide range of subjects, from traditional crops, such as corn and wheat, to specialties, such as mushrooms and flowers; from calves born to hogs slaughtered; from agricultural prices to land in farms.Get price

GIS: What is GIS -

The GIS keeps track of this relationship allowing a user to click on the map to get the data or click on the record to find the parcel on the map. It allows questions to be framed geographically GIS is a way of organizing database records by tying them to geographically synchronized slices of the world so that “where” questions can be askedGet price



Watershed Protection Act |

The Watershed Protection Act (WsPA) regulates land use and activities within critical areas of the Quabbin Reservoir, Ware River and Wachusett Reservoir watersheds for the purpose of protecting the source supply of drinking water that is treated and distributed by the MA Water Resources Authority.Get price

Missions - United States Army Corps of Engineers

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of the Army’s Navigable Waters Protection Rule: Definition of “Waters of the United States” was published in the Federal Register. This final rule establishes the scope of federal regulatory authority under the Clean Water Act.Get price

Patient Self-Determination Act - Wikipedia

The Patient Self-Determination Act was passed by the United States Congress in 1990 as an amendment to the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1990. Effective on December 1, 1991, this legislation required many hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies, hospice providers, health maintenance organizations, and other health care institutions to provide information about advance health care directives to adult patients upon their admission to the healthcare facility. This law does not apply tGet price

Guaranteed Income Supplement – Overview -

The Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) is a monthly payment you can get if:. you are 65 or older; you live in Canada; you get the Old Age Security (OAS) pension; your income is below $18,744 if you are single, widowed, or divorcedGet price

The Patient Self-Determination Act. A matter of life and death

The Patient Self-Determination Act (PSDA) is a federal law, and compliance is mandatory. It is the purpose of this act to ensure that a patientright to self-determination in health care decisions be communicated and protected. Through advance directives--the living will and the durable power of a …Get price