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Aug 19, 2013 · In line with its obligations under the Trade‐Related Aspects of Intellectual Property, Zimbabwe enacted the Geographical Indications Act (chapter 26:06), thereby establishing a specific legal and institutional framework for the protection of GIs.Get price

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The researcher recommends that Zimbabwe adopt a paper-based GIS educational package. the South African Schools Act Using Geographic Information Systems, GIS, in the science classroom has aGet price

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The GIS industry is ever growing in importance as the world market becomes more acclimated and dependent on location intelligence. Our GIS services cover all the industries viz telecommunications, utilities, financial services, manufacturing, mining, agriculture, tourism, retail etc. We also cover local, national government and NGOs.Get price

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the matter shall be referred to the Council for its determination. 8. Four Board members, two from each Contracting State, shall form a quorum provided, however, that the validity of any proceedings, act or decision of the Board shall not be affected by any vacancy in the membership of the Board or any defect in the appointment of any memberGet price

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GIS in Zimbabwe. 1,174 likes · 20 talking about this. Get News on the Nationgreatest Geo-Information Systems, Remote Sensing, GPS, Spatial Statistics and Programming for GIS Insights, News and...Get price

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Download Free Zimbabwe Country, Cities and Places GIS Shapefile Map Layers--Main Free GIS Maps ArcGIS Shapefiles. Download Shapefiles. Right Click on the following links to save the zipped shapefiles to your computer. Administrative (88k) Coastline (120k) Roads (1.5m) Places (5k) Natural Features (135k) Points of interest (20k)Get price

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General IntroductionProvincial GovernanceRural Local GovernanceTraditional Leadership and Governance of Communal LandUrban Local GovernancePlanning and DevelopmentLocal government is administration locally by elected bodies whose functions are conferred upon them by central government. Local government thus is a form of de-centralised administration. Local government institutions play a key role in urban and rural development. The Ministry that is in charge of local government is the Ministry of Local Government and Rural and Urban Development. According to Dele Olowu “Decentralisation and Local Government in the Zimbabwean Constitution” (2009) “Local government refers to the establishment of participatory and democratically elected structures that can identify with the needs of the people at grassroots level and ensure the translation of those needs into the actual programmes and projects and maintenance of essential services.” This author also states that decentralisation of government powers allows "self-governance at local level by transferringpowers to local authorities to govern, subject to safeguards against misappropriation of finance...Get price

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Under certain conditions, the remuneration of employees of foreign governments and United Nations (UN) employees stationed in Zimbabwe is exempt from taxation. Relocation expenses paid by the employer are generally not taxed as fringe benefits in the employeehands except in cases where the payment is considered to be excessive.Get price

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Jun 14, 2015 · 4. Urban Planning: GIS technology is used to analyze the urban growth and its direction of expansion, and to find suitable sites for further urban development.In order to identify the sites suitable for the urban growth, certain factors have to consider which is: land should have proper accessibility, land should be more or less flat, land should be vacant or having low usage value presentlyGet price

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A ray of hope for the outlawing of corporal punishment in Zimbabwe: A review of recent developments Doctors who cause the patient deaths Case note on S v McGown 1995 (1) ZLR 4 (H) Judicial appointment in Zimbabwe: defining the concept of “fit and proper person” research paper submitted to the Faculty of Law of the Midlands State UniversityGet price

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SI 2021-095 Postal and Telecommunications (Telecommunications Traffic Monitoring System) Regulations, 2021Get price

Statutory Instrument 5 of 2018. [CAP. 22:23 Public

the Act and section 37 of these regulations; "Secretariat" means the Secretariat established by theAuthori ty in terms of section . 51 . to provide serv'ices to review panels; "Special Procurement Oversight Committee" means the committee of that name constituted by section . 54 . of the Act. Non-application of regulations in certainGet price


site suitability analysis for solid waste landfill site location using geographic information systems and remote sensing: a case study of banket town board, zimbabwe May 2017 Review of SocialGet price

The rei vindicatio principle in Zimbabwe’s Labour Relations

Jan 31, 2017 · In its determination of whether section 89 of the Labour Act gives the Labour Court inherent jurisdiction in all labour matters including civil action and common law action like rei vindicatio, the Supreme Court answered in the negative.Get price

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Apr 26, 2021 · The Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act criminalized procuring a person for unlawful sexual conduct, inside or outside of Zimbabwe and prescribed penalties of up to two years imprisonment; these penalties were not sufficiently stringent when applied to cases of sex trafficking.Get price

Analysis of Veldfire Incidents in Makoni and Chimanimani

The aim of the study is to develop a framework for the integration of Geographical Information Systems, Remote Sensing data, and public domain data in veld-fire assessment, monitoring, and analysis in the country. This would enable the environmental planner to spatially map veld-fire incidence using GIS Arc View 3.2 a software and MODIS. SpecificGet price

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terms of the Capital Gains Tax Act. Withholding taxes % On dividends distributed by a Zimbabwean resident company to resident shareholders other than companies and to non-resident shareholders: By a company listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange 10 By any other company 15 Informal traders 10 Foreign dividends 20 Non-executive director’s fees 20Get price

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Any determination of topography or contours, or any depiction of physical improvements, property lines or boundaries is for general information only and shall not be used for the design, modification, or construction of improvements to real property or for flood plain or Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act determinations.Get price


National fee:1 Currency: Zimbabwe dollar (ZWD) Filing fee: ZWD 6,000 Exemptions, reductions or refunds of the national fee: None Special requirements of the Office (PCT Rule 51bis):2, 3 Address for service in Zimbabwe (no representation by an agent is required but, if an agent is appointed, a power of attorney must be furnished)Get price

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Dec 01, 2014 · Zimbabwe is experiencing a serious shortage of electrical power as evidenced by frequent power cuts which began in 1998 at the onset of the countryeconomic challenges. There has been no meaningful investment in electricity generation since 1980, while the demand has been increasing due to various factors ( Maasdorp, 2011 ).Get price

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Government of Zimbabwe Report on the Evaluation of the Public Financial Management System of Zimbabwe . . Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) Assessment 2017 August 2018 .. A joint project of the Government of Zimbabwe and the World Bank Public Disclosure Authorized Public Disclosure Authorized Public Disclosure AuthorizedGet price

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Please be aware that you are using an unsupported web browser. This site is best used with IE10+, Firefox, or Chrome.Get price

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Build a biological assessment Consultation Package Builder (CPB) replaces and improves on the original Impact Analysis by providing an interactive, step-by-step process to help you prepare a full consultation package leveraging U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service data and recommendations, including conservation measures designed to help you avoid or minimize effects to listed species.Get price

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Government that Works. Protect clean air, clean water, and public health and conserve working farms, forests, and natural lands.Get price

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MethodologyAttributesMaintenanceThe wetlands are interpreted from 1:12,000 scale, stereo color-infrared (CIR) photography by staff at UMASS Amherst. The photography was captured in 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1999 and 2000. See the CIR Mapfor dates of the photography. The interpretation is field checked by Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Wetlands Conservancy Program (WCP). Completed interpretations are then scanned and converted into rectified polygons and lines using standard photogrametric techniques by a consultant under contract to the WCP. Final quality control is performed by WCP GIS staff. The polygons and arcs are merged into a single layer (in coverage format) and additional attributes are added for the polygon features. The arc features are coded based on the adjacent polygon types, and attributes are added to the annotation subclass wet. An overlay process using the 1:25,000 Hydrographylayer codes the PALIS_ID and PWSID attributes. The coding of the PALIS_ID and PWSID attributes was done using...Get price

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View VAT Act - Zimbabwe.pdf from AC 101 at Harare Institute of Technology. Law Development Commission, Zimbabwe CHAPTER 23:12 VALUE ADDED TAX ACT Acts 12/2002, 10/2003 (ss. 29-39), 18/2003 (ss.Get price

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Determination of rupture structures, and location of possible oil seepage in the Peniche Basin, PortugalGet price

Geochemical determination of the Precursor of Yamama Oils, in

Geochemical determination of the Precursor of Yamama Oils, in Geochemical determination of the Precursor of Yamama Oils, in Ratawi Oilfield, Southern part of Mesopotamian Basin, Iraq. Ratawi Oilfield, Sothern part of Mesopotamian Basin, Iraq.Get price


Apr 27, 2021 · ☒ There are waters or water features excluded from Clean Water Act jurisdiction within the review area (complete table in Section II.D). B. Rivers and Harbors Act of 1899 Section 10 (§ 10)2 § 10 Name § 10 Size § 10 Criteria Rationale for § 10 Determination N/A. N/A. N/A N/A. N/A. C. Clean Water Act Section 404Get price