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Using data in unexpected ways. Singapore Government has used Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to make life simpler for Singaporeans in sometimes unexpected ways. Increasing Singapore’s safety. The nation famously build an app that let first aiders see nearby cardiac arrests, rushing to the scene before the ambulance arrived to provide vital life-saving support. Making everyday decisions. Geospatial can help people with “everyday decisions,” Tan said. For example, government has used it to track all feedback given across government so that it can allocate resources more effectively.

Geographical Indication (“GI”) Legislation in Singapore

Intellectual Property Office of Singapore to allow registration of geographical indications (“GIs”) effective from 01 April 2019. Prior to this, trader or association of such producers or traders of any GI enjoyed automatic protection as long as the GIs were protected in its country of origin that is party to the ParisGet price

Geographical Indication (“GI”) Legislation in Singapore by

Following the European Parliament’s consent for the European Union-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (EUSFTA), the Registry of Geographical Indications was launched by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore to allow registration of geographical indications (“GIs”) effective from 01 April 2019. Prior to this, trader or association of such producers or traders of any GI enjoyedGet price

Guide to Geographical Indications (GIs) in South-East Asia

Singapore, has incorporated a wide range of goods as eligible to be protected as GIs; these include natural and agricultural products, foodstuffs, wines and spirits, as well as handicraft and industrial products. Conversely, legal frameworks in Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia and Laos remain silent onGet price

Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS)

GIS Bags Awards At Singapore Science And Engineering Fair 2020 Singapore Formulates Novel Molecular Therapy To Treat Leukaemia GIS’ Asian Reference Genome Project Wins SMART GrantGet price

Singapore Masters Land-Use Planning Using GIS -

Hosted by Singapore Land Authority, LandNet is a server GIS-based repository containing more than 100 layers of geospatial data contributed by more than 14 public agencies. Using the shared data from LandNet and the functionality in EsriArcGIS software, the URA can create, edit, and publish concept and master plan maps on the Web forGet price

Analysing residential energy consumption using index

Analysing residential energy consumption using index decomposition analysis X.Y. Xu⇑, B.W. Ang. Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, National University of Singapore, 10 Kent Ridge Crescent, Singapore 119260, Singapore. highlights. We reviewed 20 residential energy consumption studies using IDA.Get price

Accenture Pte Ltd hiring BSS/OSS Transformation - GIS Lead in

Experience in design and delivery experience in GIS inventory, Fiber network inventory, network planning, service order decomposition into resources based on the service orders and resource allocation for fiber network services ; Have modelled and delivered solutions around modeling for ducts, tunnels, manholes related inventories ; OptionalGet price

Resources - GEOSPATIAL

This workshop focuses on basic usage of a few popular Geospatial software and management of various geospatial data formats. Participants will work with various datasets, such as the 2018 6-digit Singapore postal codes and a complete routable road network of Singapore, to solve interesting local geographic problems revolving around trending themes, such as emergency planning and disasterGet price

GIS Platform Leaders - 13. Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS)

2009 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.,B.S.), National University of Singapore. PROFESSIONAL APPOINTMENTS. 2008 - 2009 Research Fellow, Host-Susceptibility to Infection group, Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences 2009 - 2011 Research Fellow, Infectious Diseaes (Hibberd Group), Genome Institute of SingaporeGet price


“De-noising of Partial Discharge Signals for Condition Monitoring of GIS,” Proc. of International Power Quality Conference 2002, Singapore, vol. 1, pp 170-177. 6. C.S. Chang, J. Jin, C. Chang, Toshihiro Hoshino, Masahiro Hanai, Nobumitsu Kobayashi, “Optimal Selection of Parameters for Wavelet-Packet-Based DenoisingGet price

Telecommunications Standards Advisory Committee (TSAC

Singapore Institute of Technology Dr Wong Woon Kwong Director, Research and Industry Collaborations Singapore University of Technology and Design Mr Kuan Wai Mun Associate Director, Radio Network Quality Singapore Telecommunications Ltd Mr Lew Yoon Heng Senior Engineering Manager Singapore Telecommunications Ltd Mr Jason Tan Head, StandardsGet price

Gas-insulated switchgear type series 8DN8

Continuous further development has reduced the footprint required for 145-kV GIS to only 25% of the first designs in 1968 8DN8 switchgear for 72.5 kV single busbar arrangement 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 100 1968 2011 [%] 0 90 110 Siemens AG, Energy Sector, gas-insulated switchgear type series 8DN8 Area required Year 3Get price

Medium voltage IEC gas insulated RMU SafeLink - Gas - ABB

SafeLink is a type-tested SF 6-insulated ring main unit (RMU) for secondary distribution networks that utilizes the latest in switchgear technology to provide a smart, safe and compact fuse-protected switchgear solution.Get price

Singapore Land Authority / 23 Apr 2021 This dataset is the finished product of the Singapore Land Authority. It depicts the entire cadastral map of Singapore. This dataset contains polygons which graphically show the approximate coordinated boundaries (nearest cm) of each surveyed land parcel (or land lot) in Singapore.Get price

qgis - How to create/obtain district data for Singapore

That depends on your source image. If it contains georeferencing information (ie a GeoTIFF, or something with an accompanying world file), then it should come in and line up though you may need to do a projection conversion/transformation if its coordinate system is different than your map (and Google uses a pseudomercator projection if thatwhat you're using as a base/project projection).Get price

GeoSpace for SingaporeWhole-of-Government Data Sharing

The Land Data Hub was established and managed by the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) to promote and enable sharing of spatial data among government agencies since it was first conceived in the late 1980s. SLA, the lead GIS agency in Singapore, collected the data from the agencies and enabled the data to be shared across the public sector.Get price

Country Report - Singapore The Singapore National Spatial

Singapore Geospatial Collaborative Environment. Reference Number: SG-SPACE/2012/3 . Country Report - Singapore . The Singapore National Spatial Data Infrastructure . Abstract . This document reports the status of Singapore’s geospatial information activities, prepared at the request of the United Nations Global Geospatial InformationGet price

25 August, 2016 – Tech Day , Nairobi , Kenya ABB High Voltage

*Ratings valid at -30°C and 50Hz. E D L T B D 1 L T B D 1 L T B E 1 L T B E 2 L T B E 4 (B L G) HPL B1 HPL B2 HPL B4 72 170 31,5 40 50 145 245 300 420 550 63 80 800 [kA] 1100 [kV] HPL B2 w/o CAP 1200 Test CBGet price

ABSTRACT: Spectral Decomposition Response of Reservoir Fluids

The synthetic seismograms with gas saturated zones have lower amplitude zones below pay zones at 45~50 Hz as compared to synthetic seismograms with brine saturated zones. This difference of amplitudes in gas and brine saturated sands is more prominent in scenario 2 where multiple pay zones were replaced with brine.Get price

Development of High-sensitivity Detection Method for Partial

(1) The decomposition gas can be analyzed by sampling the SF 6 gas before it touches the adsorbent. (2) The SF 6 gas passes the external adsorbent unit through the circulation system and is kept clean. (3) The decomposition gas accumulated in the adsorbent can be analyzed easily because it can detach the adsorbent unit without blackout of GIS.Get price


equipment like gas circuit breaker (GCB), gas insulated switchgear (GIS) and gas insulated transformer (GIT) are being widely and commonly applied. Particularly in Japan where the land acquisition is extremely difficult, there is a large demand for gas insulated equipment as above.Get price

Custom boyu aquarium To Enhance Appearance

External canister filter Decomposition map: 6. Model Voltage Frequency Power UV power H-max Output Dimensions HW-302 110V/220V/240V 50Hz/60Hz 18W / 1.4m 1000L/hGet price

EEP - Electrical Engineering Portal | Energy and Power For All

Apr 19, 2021 · EEP - Electrical engineering portal is study site specialized in LV/MV/HV substations, energy power generation, distribution transmissionGet price

QSG12 (Tier 4 Final/Stage IV) | Cummins Inc.

The latest from Cummins Inc. The new QSG12 brings a major advantage for Tier 4 Final and Stage IV equipment installations by restoring the envelope size of the QSM11 predecessor, used for Tier 3 and Stage IIIA applications.Get price

Research Guides: Geographic Information Systems (GIS

Apr 19, 2021 · In order to use GIS, you will first need to feed data into your GIS software/tool in order to start creating visualisations and performing analyses based on your data.Any type of data can be used, as long as there is some kind of location component such as an address or postal code, for example.Get price

Singapore Uses GIS to Master Land-Use Planning - ArcNews

URA subscribes to LandNet, a server GIS-based repository hosted by the Singapore Land Authority that contains more than 100 layers of geospatial data from more than 14 public agencies. Using the shared data from LandNet and the functionality in ArcGIS software, URA creates and edits the Master Plan maps for the internal use of staff, as well asGet price

Sustainable high-voltage products Blue Portfolio

•GIS 8VM1 72,5 kV Vacuum Circuit Breakers+Clean Air •GIS 8VN1 145 kV Vacuum Circuit Breakers+Clean Air •GIS 8DN8 170 kV SF 6 Vacuum Circuit Breakers+Clean Air (in dev.) •GIS 8DN9 245 kV SF 6 •GIS 8DQ1 550 kV SF 6 The high voltage product family – a comprehensive portfolio for long-term business sustainability Gas-insulated switchgearGet price

Rado Path Decomposition - University of Notre Dame

Theorem (Rado Path Decomposition or RPD r) Let c: ƒ!⁄2!r. Then, for each j<r, there is a monochromatic path of color jsuch that these rpaths (as sets) partition !(so they are pairwise disjoint sets and their union is everything). Richard Rado. Monochromatic paths in graphs. Ann. Discrete Math., 3:191-194, 1978. Advances in graph theoryGet price