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Developing High quality GIS for the Energy Sector of Uganda. The Energy Sector GIS Working Group is organising the 9th Utilities GIS Conference 2021 in Kampala, Uganda. More than 100 participants from government agencies and the private sector from different East African countries are to attend and learn how GIS technology can be used for infrastructure planning, asset management, network monitoring, and decision making.Get price

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We have published existing and planned power lines, power plants and other energy utilities in UgandaGet price

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Jan 01, 2007 · This aim could be addressed by the use of GIS which would allow accurate projections to be made in terms of identifying energy needs, and the quantities required for any given specific area. Regarding global impacts, Uganda completed an inventory of it greenhouse gas emissions and is therefore obliged to meet its commitments as a signatory to the UNClimate Change Convention (UNCCC).Get price

GIS and rural electricity planning in Uganda

GIS which would allow accurate projections to be made in terms of identifying energy needs, and the quantities required for any given specific area. Regarding global impacts, Uganda completed an inventory of it greenhouse gas emissions and is therefore obliged to meet its commitments as a signatory to the UN’s Climate Change Convention (UNCCC).Get price

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Over the last few years enterprises, governmental agencies and NGOs in Uganda created a lot of location based data. The Ugandan Energy Sector GIS Working Group brings data together in one place, organize them, keep them updated, and make public data available to all stakeholders. Link to Uganda Energy Sector GIS Working Groupdata platform: price

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Kaijuka et al. [101] used GIS information to identify patterns of electricity demand in Uganda and suggest priority areas for energy investment in the country. Teske et al. [102] developed aGet price

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Uganda Energy Sector GIS Working Group The mission of the Uganda Energy Sector GIS Working Group is to develop a high quality GIS for the Energy Sector of Uganda in order to drive informed decision-making.Get price

Finding Potential Sites for Small-Scale Hydro Power in Uganda

hydropower in our study area in southwestern Uganda, by using a Geographical Information System (GIS) and also to investigate the rural energy situation in the area. A GIS is a computerized information system for collecting and handling data in databases as well as a powerful tool for analysis and visualization of geographical data. The resultsGet price


First, a basic analysis of the current total energy demand and supply patterns for Uganda is completed. Secondly a renewable energy scenario (60% renewable share in the energy balance and universal access to modern energy services by 2030 and by 2050 close to 100% renewable energy system) was developed.Get price

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Our latest Geothermal Country Overview focuses on Uganda Introduction . Uganda is a landlocked country in Eastern Africa and is home to Africa’s third-highest peak, Mount Margherita: 5,109 m (highest point in Uganda), which is a part of the Rwenzori Mountains National Park.Get price

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As mentioned in Section 2 above, the demand for GIS professionals is increasing in Uganda. GIS professionals are required in all government departments, NGOs and the private sector. This programme targets people who need to do research at graduate level in order to advance GIS as a technology.Get price

A GIS approach to estimate the bioenergy potential in Uganda

Energy Technology EGI_2017_0097-MSC EKV1219 Division of Energy Systems Analysis SE-100 44 STOCKHOLM A GIS approach to estimate the bioenergy potential in Uganda EmaGet price

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The maps and data for Uganda have been released in parallel with Global Solar Atlas, which is published by the World Bank Group, funded by ESMAP, and prepared by Solargis. All maps on this page are licensed by The World Bank under the Creative Commons Attribution license ( CC BY 4.0 ) with the mandatory and binding addition presented in GlobalGet price

A GIS-based approach for electrification planning—A case

Dec 01, 2015 · GIS analysis 1st step—Electricity demand forecast and planned grid expansion. Building on these datasets, projections to 2030 are made regarding population density and electricity demand. These projections are based on the current population, population growth and on whether settlements are considered urban or rural.Get price

Solar resource maps and GIS data for 200+ countries | Solargis

The largest collection of free solar radiation maps. Download free maps of GHI, DNI, and PV power potential for various countries, continents and regions.Get price

Sanele Brian Maphanga - GIS Specialist (Project Development

• Tasked with using GIS Desktop tools to identify suitable project sites for Solar PV renewable energy projects in South Africa and in the African energy market. • Conducting a desktop terrain and slope analysis (Using CAD Tools, GIS tools and Google Earth Pro) to determine the suitability of a site where a facility will be constructed.Get price

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Job Summary: The Senior GIS Analyst will primarily develop and implement Geographical Information Systems (GIS) as a management decision support tool within Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited.Get price

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May 01, 2009 · Subcounty administrative boundaries in Uganda in 2002 (zip file) Waterbodies in Uganda (zip file) Additional Information. Mapping a Better Future: How Spatial Analysis Can Benefit Wetlands and Reduce Poverty in Uganda. Mapping a Healthier Future: How Spatial Analysis Can Guide Pro-Poor Water and Sanitation Planning in UgandaGet price

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Jan 29, 2021 · · Provide GIS analysis to support UNHCR and partner decision making and guidance to achieve analytical products and derived geographic information. · Provide geographic information management services to support technical sector monitoring and evaluation in the refugee response.Get price

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WCS Uganda has extensive experience in GIS and remote sensing with expertise that can manage both satellite imagery and aerial photography. The GIS department was established in the early 2000s to support WCS’s conservation activities in the country and the broader region.Satellite image analysis is handled with software such as Erdas Imagine, Idrisi and ArcGIS 10.x, while aerial photography is handled using EnsoMOSAIC software.Get price

Mapping the Ugandan off-grid energy market

energy access in Uganda Today, about 80% of Ugandans live without access to modern energy. Bringing energy to these households has become a central focus of Uganda’s development agenda, with frequent discussion on reaching ‘universal access’ in the coming decades.Get price

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Uganda aims to lower its greenhouse gas emissions by enacting measures in its energy, forestry and wetland sectors. Ugandagreenhouse gas emissions per capita is 1.39 tons carbon dioxide, one of the lowest in the world. The country aims to reduce its carbon emissions by 22 percent by 2030.Get price

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The project has supported the Government of Uganda and in particular the Office of the Prime Minister, develop and publish the district hazard, risk and vulnerability profiles across the country. Since 2013, GEO-MIK Consultants Africa has been involved in offering a wide range of Earth Observation and GIS services to UNDP.Get price

Niccolo Ficarelli - Renewable Energy Powered Rural

- Performed site assessments and load forecasts for analyzing the suitability of solar PV powered mini grids in villages in Uganda - In charge of all GIS (Geographic Information System) analysis tasksGet price

Promotion of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Programme

Uganda is richly endowed with natural resources. In terms of energy, the country has abundant biomass, including large quantities of non-woody biomass, as well as peat and water resources. It also enjoys ideal solar, geothermal and wind energy potential. Water and biomass make the biggest contributions to the energy demands of Uganda’s population. The unsustainable use of the available resources has, however, left the country with an inadequate supply of energy.Get price


Uganda’s ‘Rural Electrification Strategy and Plan Cover-ing the Period 2001 to 2010’ by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral’s Development. Currently, grid electricity access in rural areas stands at less than 2% with grid access of 5% for the whole country. The minimum aim for the Rural Electrification Strategy and Plan is a rate ofGet price

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Jan 26, 2021 · Uganda is a home to 1,421,137 Refugees as of 31st December 2020. Wars, violence and persecution in the Horn of Africa and Great Lakes Region remain drivers of forced displacement into Uganda, insecurity and ethnic violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), South Sudan’s conflict, and political instability and human rights violations in Burundi.Get price

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Kampala, Uganda. Provided GIS analysis and support for Package 5a of the Lake Victoria water and sanitation modernization project under the auspices of the National Water and Sewerage CorporationGet price

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Sep 22, 2020 · Data analysis: Analyze data acquired from Sensors, satellites, or ground-based platforms, using statistical analysis software; image analysis software, or Geographic Information Systems (GIS); Manage, Integrate and analyze other geospatial data obtained from remote sensing systems to obtain meaningful results Process various data sets toGet price