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The coupling of road databases (BDR) and geographical information system (GIS/LIS) is one of the most important problems of road administration which are implementing or intending to implement a GIS and a road database. A study on coupling these systems is absolutely necessary to guarantee:Get price

Coupling GIS spatial analysis and Ensemble Niche Modelling to

Geographic Information Science Keywords Species distribution models, Ensemble forecast, Emys trinacris, Global warming, Protected Areas network, Gap analysis How to cite this article Iannella et al. (2018), Coupling GIS spatial analysis and Ensemble Niche Modelling to investigate climateGet price

EDITORIAL Special Issue on the use of GIS in Climatology and

GIS based regionalisation of radiation, temperature and coupling measures in complex terrain for low mountain ranges (Hantzschel et al.) focuses on the interactions¨ between relief and land use in low mountain range areas with complex topography and their impact on climate. GIS is used to study the radiation balance,Get price

Protection of GIs in the EU and abroad

• Estimated sales value of EU GIs: €62 billion in 2017 = 5.7% of €1,098 billion (EU food and drink sector) • Estimate of EU GI exports value: € 15 billion in 2017 = 15% of €102 billion (EU food and drink exports)Get price

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Provider: ESRI Other comments: The map data originates from one CD-ROM in a set of four CDcalled: GIS by ESRI. ESRI Data Maps. CD 1, from which we have used the data on Europe, contains data on World, Europe (all and by country), Canada, Mexico, US (generalized) and Southern US (by state).Get price

The Use of Geographic Information System (GIS) in the Frame

SUMMARY. A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a very powerful and flexible software tool for effective management of spatially referenced data (e.g., geodata). Coupling database and GIS technology provides the tools for a detailed analysis of spatial patterns and distributions in veterinary applications.Get price

Loose-coupling a cellular automaton model and GIS: long-term

GIS operations and analyses such as bu•ering and overlay is a very powerful GIS capability. This function alone favours the use of loose coupling. In spite of e•orts to build cellular modelling functions into GIS directly (Takeyama and Couclelis 1997; Park and Wagner 1997) and the suitability both of speci® c GIS packages (e.g.Get price

Efficient GIS-based model-driven method for flood risk

algorithms and models are in a loose-coupling framework, e.g., can be easily reconstructed to accommodate the de-mand. Over the past 10yr, we have focused on the need for flood control by integrating remote sensing and GIS tech-niques with qualitative or quantitative models, including hy-drologic analysis, flood simulation, flood riskGet price

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ArcGIS is a comprehensive GIS for gas utilities. It contains all the elements needed to meet utility challenges and maintains key information for natural gas distribution mapping and analysis. This technology suite also simplifies sharing analysis with everyone who needs business intelligence through a system of record, a system of engagementGet price

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GIS International simplifies your procurement through certified best practices for indirect and direct materials procurement and integrated supply. This includes non-strategic purchases and low-value spends plus additional services such as spend analysis, procurement engineering and opportunity assessments.Get price

The evaluation of buildings energy consumption and the

a GIS-based model Chiara Delmastro • Guglielmina Mutani • Laura Schranz Received: 31 July 2014/Accepted: 31 December 2014/Published online: 27 January 2015 The Author(s) 2015. This article is published with open access at Abstract The European buildings occupy a key place among the major energy consumer sectors, with high sav-Get price

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European Climate Foundation Energy Union Choices: A Perspective on Infrastructure and Energy Security in the Transition, Report, 2016 Geidl, M. and Andersson G. Optimal Power Flow of Multiple Energy Carriers IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 22(1), 2007Get price

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BHCnav - Model M10 - Professional GPS/GIS Handheld Receiver. GISA M10 is a cost-effective professional GPS/GIS handheld receiver with SBAS enabled high-sensitivity GPS. It features sharp QVGA sunlight readable screen and up to 10 hours battery life with GPS andGet price

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Significant benefits and synergies can be found through the coupling of electricity and gas sectors. • The achievement of the EU climate objectives requires the decarbonisation of all sectors of the economy. • Renewable-based and carbon-neutral electricity is the most important resource needed for the European GHG emissions reduction strategy. • In addition, Europe should strive to maintain leadership in green molecules, including green hydrogen, which are needed to decarboniseGet price

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Jun 23, 2017 · Periodically, an economic report is produced about the GIS industry. The latest, a May 2017 report from PS Market Research, has determined that the global GIS industry will continue to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 10.1%, an increase from from $8,985.5 million in 2016, to reach $17,510.9 million by 2023.Get price

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This resource compares directly with Spain, southern Europe, northern Africa and the Middle East. The levels in south-east USA are also in that range, with some exceptional sites estimated at up to 2,600 kWh/m2 per annum. There are two main types of solar energy technologies: concentrated solar thermal (CST) and solar photovoltaic (PV).Get price

Using GIS to Optimize Proposed Wildlife Corridors in Montana

While GIS has been used to propose wildlife corridors for some time, recent research has been taking further steps to increase corridor success. Research has been integrating more information about how wildlife move and mainly uses least-cost paths to find the best paths of movement (Alexander and Waters 2000, Benz et al. 2016, Gurrutxaga et alGet price

GIS applications API — European Environment Agency

Jan 27, 2017 · At the following link you will find a wide range of environmental data from Europe as map services. You will find documentation on how to create Internet applications using ArcGIS Server Technology APIs:Get price

Coupling GIS spatial analysis and Ensemble Niche - Europe PMC

Europe PMC is an archive of life sciences journal literature. Europe PMC Coupling GIS spatial analysis and Ensemble Niche Modelling to investigate climate change-related threats to the Sicilian pond turtle Emys trinacris, an endangered species from the Mediterranean.Get price

Guide to Energy Coupling: What is it and How it Works

Dec 11, 2019 · Coupling often occurs through a mutual intermediate. This means that the end product of a certain reaction is received and used in another reaction as the reactant. When the coupling process involves an ATP molecule, the common intermediate is, in most cases, a phosphorylated molecule.Get price

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This paper presents a geospatial methodology for zoning the earthquake-induced soil liquefaction risk at a continental scale and set-up in a Geographic Information System (GIS) environment by coupling data-driven and knowledge-driven approaches. It is worth mentioning that liquefaction is a phenomenon of soil instability occurring at a very local spatial scale; thus, the mega-zonation ofGet price

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Nov 26, 2011 · Interoperability is a property referring to the ability of diverse systems and organizations to work together (inter-operate). The term is often used in a technical systems engineering sense, or alternatively in a broad sense, taking into account social, political, and organizational factors that impact system to system performance.Get price


Abstract. This paper describes the use of GIS information in a real-time electricity distribution control-room environment. Uses of GIS information include the on-line export of electrical network connectivity and geo-schematic updates to a Distribution Management System (DMS).Get price

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Reservoir Simulation is an area of reservoir engineering in which computer models are used to predict the flow of fluids (typically, oil, water, and gas) through porous media.Get price

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The Complete ProcessConsolidation Is KeyISO Certified Quality ControlValuesOur HistoryWe understand the importance of streamlining the complete procurement process, including optimized storeroom and inventory management, accounts payable, kitting and shipping. The backbone of our services is strong supplier relationship management that is delivered at low cost and optimum quality.Get price

-2.1cm Sector-Coupling in a Simplified Model of a Highly

Sector-Coupling in a Simpli ed Model of a Highly Renewable European Energy System T. Brown 1, D. Schlachtberger , A. Kies , S. Schramm1, M. Greiner2 1Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS), University of Frankfurt; 2Aarhus University 2nd German-Japanese Workshop on Renewable Energies, Stuttgart, Germany, 5th July 2017Get price

Geodesigning landscape linkages: Coupling GIS with wildlife

Dec 01, 2016 · Dr. Perkl specializes in Geographic Information Science (GIS), conservation planning, landscape connectivity modeling, wildlife corridor planning and design, and geodesign. Dr. Perkl’s accomplishments include funded research from the Arizona Department of Game and Fish and the National Park Service.Get price

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Abstract. An improved design method is described for horizontal gas/oil and oil/water separators. The improved method is based on obtain a desired or specified performance goal for the separator, such as outlet stream qualities, rather than on intermediate quantities such as residence times, overflow rates, and level settings.Get price

DN20 Quick Disconnect Coupling- for easy coupling and

For easy coupling and uncoupling of hoses. 3-1121-R003. The quick disconnect coupling is very useful in all fields of application where hoses have to be frequently loosened and reconnected e. g. during final tests of completely mounted GIS fields. Thanks to the clamp lock, the DN20 hoses can easily be connected without any loss of SF 6 gas.Get price

Coupling Meta-population Models with GIS to Predict

Coupling Meta-population Models with GIS to Predict Freshwater Biotic Invasions Merrin, L. E.a,d, C. R. Toddb, D. G. Williamsa, E. S. G. Schreiberb and C. Jamesc a CRC for Freshwater Ecology and Applied Ecology Research Group, University of Canberra ACT 2601Get price