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EMYTE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD is a professional brand for fluid connection components. It is situated in Melbourne, Australia, and its manufacturing plant is based in Shanghai, China. Emyte designs, manufactures and sells a variety of products in different standards and materials, including compression fitting, welding fittings...Get price

Guidelines for Gas Cylinder Safety - BOC Australia

The cylinder label is the primary means for identifying the contents of a gas cylinder and the nature and hazards associated with the gas contained in the cylinder (see next page). DO NOT use a gas cylinder if the label is missing or illegible, or if the heat tag has been damaged. Return it to BOC or the agent/outlet youGet price

Australian Standard AS 2030.1-2009 Gas Cylinders General

Gas cylinders are a rigid vessel not exceeding 3000 litres in capacity, designed for the storage and transportation of gas under pressure. This standard is comprised of three parts, dealing with: compressed gases other than acetylene; cylinders for dissolved acetylene; welded cylinders - insulated.Get price

Storage and Handling of Gas Cylinders Guidelines

2. Low Pressure Cylinders Low pressure cylinders come in a variety of– sizes, see Figure 2. Some examples of gases supplied in low pressure cylinder are LPG and refrigerant gases. 3. Acetylene Cylinders aggregate filled and acetylene is dissolved in acetone to get – sufficient product into the cylinder. See Figure 3.Get price

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OpenCities Map - 2D/3D Desktop GIS and Mapping Software. Create, maintain, analyze, and share your geospatial, engineering, and business information in a powerful, yet familiar MicroStation environment.Get price

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These online GIS and data download systems allow basic viewing and download of data from within the jurisdictions of various government agencies. The systems are provided for the use of professionals and students and provide maps, data, and reports in various digital formats.Get price

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Jan 22, 2014 · Also find pointers for GIS resources pertaining to Australia. Unfortunately there is not a lot of free data to be found. ACRES Digital Catalog The ACRES Digital Catalogue system is a database of archived satellite data acquisitions over Australia from the Landsat, SPOT, ERS, RADARSAT and JERS earth observation satellites.Get price

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Egis proposes engineering services in the field of urban development, from buildings to transport infrastructure: hospitals, tertiary buildings, stadiums, museumsGet price

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Make this your year. Explore your options. Study to become medic/paramedic with APC. We offer flexible online study. No matter where you live in Australia, you can study where and when it suits you the best. We’ve made attending clinical workshops even easier, with training locations in NSW, VIC, QLD and WA.Get price

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Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund has gone back for its fourth helping of ESR warehouses this year with GIC now committing A$480 million ($337 million) to a logistics development partnership in Australia, according to a stock exchange announcement on 24 September.Get price

Guidelines – Sulphur Hexafluoride Management

Compressed Gas Association (CGA). Gas cylinder fittings used for attachments to gas cylinder valves. These carry the association name e.g. CGA 590. DISS Diameter Index Safety System (DISS), high integrity fittings used for attachments to gas cylinders. Compared to CGA fittings, they are for higher purity and higher integrity applications. HFGet price

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The Mercator projection is a cylindrical map projection presented by Flemish geographer and cartographer Gerardus Mercator in 1569. It became the standard map projection for navigation because it is unique in representing north as up and south as down everywhere while preserving local directions and shapes. The map is thereby conformal. As a side effect, the Mercator projection inflates the size of objects away from the equator. This inflation is very small near the equator but accelerates withGet price


Established in 2002, the Emergency Management Spatial information Network Australia (EMSINA) is a vibrant and active group of spatial practitioners in the emergency management sector. Members are committed to improving safety for Australians through the use of sound decision-making supported by spatial information technologies.Get price

Commonly Used Map Projections | Intergovernmental Committee

Azimuthal Projection – StereographicConic Projection – Lambert Conformal ConicCylindrical Projection – MercatorCylindrical Projection – RobinsonCylindrical Projection – Transverse MercatorA Special Case – Universal Transverse Mercator SystemUTM ZonesUTM Map Grid and The Australian Map GridA Special Case – GeographicFurther ReadingThe oldest known record of this projection is from Ptolemyin about 150 AD. However it is believed that this projection was well known long before that time – probably as far back as the 2nd century BC. Today, this is probably one of the most widely used Azimuthal projections. It is most commonly used over Polar areas, but can be used for small scale mapsof continents such as Australia. The great attraction of the projection is that the Earth appears as if viewed form space or a globe. This is a conformal projection in that shapes are well preserved over the map, although extreme distortions do occur towards the edge of the map. Directions are true from the centre of the map (the touch point of our imaginary ‘piece of paper’), but the map is not equal-area. One interesting feature of the Stereographic projection is that any straight line which runs through the centre point is a Great Circle.The advantage of this is that for a place of interest (e.g. Canberra, the capital city of Aust...Get price

Transverse Mercator projection - Wikipedia

The transverse Mercator map projection is an adaptation of the standard Mercator projection.The transverse version is widely used in national and international mapping systems around the world, including the Universal Transverse Mercator.Get price

Gas Cylinders - Standards Australia

Aluminium cylinders for compressed gases - Seamless - 0.1 kg to 130 kg: AS 2030.1-2009: Gas cylinders, Part 1: General requirements: AS 2030.2-1996 AMDT 1: AS 2030.2-1996/Amdt 1-1999 The verification, filling, inspection, testing and maintenance of cylinders for storage and transport of compressed gases - Cylinders for dissolved acetyleneGet price

Gas pipeline register | AEMC

Download an A3 sized PDF version of the map. The National Gas Rules (NGR) requires that the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) establish and maintain a register of all pipelines that are, or have been, subject to any form of regulation or exemption from regulation under the National Gas Law (NGL) or the National Third Party Access Code for Natural Gas Pipelines (the previous scheme).Get price

Compressed natural gas - Wikipedia

Drawbacks. Compressed natural gas vehicles require a greater amount of space for fuel storage than conventional petrol-powered vehicles. Since it is a compressed gas, rather than a liquid like petrol, CNG takes up more space for each GGE (petrol gallon equivalent).Get price


Search the worldinformation, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for.Get price

LP Gas cylinders and test stations | Department of Mines

The approved gas cylinder test station scheme is operated by Standards Australia (AS 2337 Gas cylinder test stations). LP Gas cylinder information. To determine the last test date of an LP Gas cylinder, simply refer to the information stamped on the cylinder foot ring or the valve protection collar.Get price

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Geographic Information Systems store information using spatial indices that make it possible to identify the features located in any arbitrary region of a map. For example, a GIS can quickly identify and map all of the locations within a specified radius of a point, or all of the streets that run through a territory.Get price

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We use cookies to customize content for your viewing and for analytics. If you continue to browse this website, we will assume that you are happy to receive all our cookies.Get price

High-Voltage Products

GIS, minimizes the risk of failure • This ensures a failsafe product lifecycle of up to 50 years, including special applications, e.g., in high and low ambient temperatures or in earthquake-risk zones Customer partnership around the globe More than 136,000* circuit-breakers delivered to 150 countries with over 100 years of operational experience.Get price

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Oxygen is widely used in emergency medicine, both in hospital and by emergency medical services or those giving advanced first aid. In the pre-hospital environment, high-flow oxygen is indicated for use in resuscitation, major trauma, anaphylaxis, major bleeding, shock, active convulsions, and hypothermia.Get price

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Geoscience Australia acknowledges the traditional owners of the country throughout Australia and their continuing connection to land, sea and community. We pay our respect to them and their cultures and to the elders past and present.Get price

The Three Main Families of Map Projections - MATLAB Simulink

The map projection is the image of the globe projected onto the cylindrical surface, which is then unwrapped into a flat surface. When the cylinder aligns with the polar axis, parallels appear as horizontal lines and meridians as vertical lines. Cylindrical projections can be either equal-area, conformal, or equidistant.Get price

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At Hexagon PPM, we thrive on confronting the world’s biggest changes with software design solutions for owner/operators, architecture, engineering and procurement organizations.Get price

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The vegetation of the tropical savannas - Australia Vegetation mapping at a map scale of 1:1,000,000 based on a generalised compilation of the lines and legends of a number of vegetation maps including the Kimberley region,...Get price

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Australia EMS Customer Care:-Phone numbers: In Australia: 13 POST From Overseas: +61 3 8847 9045 Business Enquiries: 13 11 18 Email Address: [email protected] Type of International services Offered: Economy – By air: estimated 10+ business days By sea: estimated 30+ business days. Most cost effective service offered by AustraliaGet price